Today is the due date!  On Saturday, I had Noah take my traditional Blue Shirt picture.

Heather Blue shirt #9, 39 weeks, 5 days

I'm ready to meet this baby!  My hips are sore from all the pressure.  I have to rest a lot, but not stay in one position for very long.  I did sleep well last night, for which I am very thankful.  Prayers for a smooth, healthy labor and birth are greatly appreciated.

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This is the day the doctors consider the transplant to be successful. 

This doesn't mean that she's not still at risk for a bunch of things. But it does mean that Faith's cells are firmly established in her system and doing their job!

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I've been meaning to write an update; I've even gotten started on one (labelled day +90: it's now day +97.) Overall, things have been going well, Grace's numbers coming back satisfactorily.

But then she got a cold.  Just runny nose and sneezing.  But after her nap, she had a mild fever.  Boston wanted us to take her to Dartmouth, but Dartmouth said that if her fever went up, they'd be transferring her to Boston.  So Jon decided to take her straight to Boston. (That was Tuesday night.)

They did a plethora of tests and the only positive was rhinovirus.  But they wanted to keep an eye out on her for at least 24 hours, so they admitted her. She did get blood overnight, but everything else is looking good.  Jon is hoping to come home tomorrow afternoon.  She did some painting and lots of games with Daddy.  He went over to the Dana Farber resource room to get her more books, since I had only packed her a few.

This is a really short version to get the word out and still get myself to bed relatively on time.  Please keep up the prayers.  Day +100 is just around the corner, and Jon discussed with the doctors the weaning process for the immunosuppressant drug.

I'm so very thankful that our family has not had any sickness from the time we had COVID at Christmas until now.  Please pray that general trend continues and we keep sickness (and hospital visits) away.

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