Noah is 30lb 12 oz, 34 1/2" tall.  He's getting over a cold, so the doctor could see fluid in both ears, but it's mild and Noah doesn't even care about it.

If he slows down enough, his arms move in cross pattern with his walking, but usually he's speed walking or nearly-running, so his arms come back up to the balance position.

He likes to swing on the trapeze and will hold himself there for a few seconds unassisted. 

He says hi (hah), bye-bye (bah-bah), Mommy/milk (mah-mah), and no (nah).  Do you see a pattern in the vowels here?  By the way, when he says no, it's not the typical defiant toddler no, but simply and negative answer to a question.  He babbles sentence structure, but I can't understand it yet.  He signs please and he shakes his head for no and has started to use a slight nod for yes.

He likes to roar like a lion and bbrr like a car engine and blather-blather with his tongue.  He even makes Jonathan's high-pitched flying noise when playing with toy airplanes.

He understands incredibly more than he can produce.  He is generally very happily obedient.  He can even stop crying when we tell him to be calm.  He also tries to obey even when he's not exactly sure what we meant.  Ex: I asked him to get me a kleenex.  He walked up to the vacuum cleaner and then hesitated, not knowing what to do next.  He'll let me know with gestures if he needs a new diaper and always answers correctly when I ask him about the status of a diaper.

He can put pieces in a shape sorter if I find the correct hole for him. 

He loves to give hugs and kisses and is quite snuggly.

He likes to eat cheerios, granola, green beans, apples, split-pea dahl, rice, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, bread, and pretty much any food we give him, even spicy things.  He gulps down water and even likes cow milk every once in a while.  He only likes a few sips of juices, but he does like smoothies.  Ice water makes him pause, he'd rather have plain water he can gulp and then ice to play with/suck on separately.

He still nurses several times a day and a couple of times a night.

He likes to point his index finger to indicate an item of interest.

He loves to play with his brother, chasing, wrestling, laughing, yelling.  Playing with toys together is more of a challenge, but they are learning to share and be generous/unselfish.

He likes to play peekaboo/hide and seek.

Well, I'll stop here, but Noah doesn't stop, he just keeps smiling and doing! 

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Ah, sweet boy! Thanks for the update!

Posted by SursumCorda on October 4, 2007, 7:19 am

If only we would honor our Father by simply 'smiling and doing!' God bless the little children!

Posted by IrishOboe on October 7, 2007, 2:33 pm
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