Wednesday was the second prenatal appointment. It was just barely starting to snow when we left Pittsburgh, and by the time we got to the small country road where our midwife is, it was a little slippery. Jon is good at driving in snow, but he still missed the turn into their driveway.
Our midwife was in the hospital, likely stress-related, as the previous week had six transports including unexpected twins and a breech. She told us three years ago that she was getting to old to do twins. So, her husband had called another midwife to come do the prenatals for that day.

Everything was good. It took her a while to find the baby's heartbeat with the fetoscope, but she did and it was good. My blood pressure was low, but she said if I wasn't dizzy or lightheaded, I shouldn't worry. She did say to keep watch for things like that and if I wanted to, to find someone to take my blood pressure before the next visit. All other numbers were good. She went over my bloodwork from last visit and everything was great, so that was another reason not to worry about the blood pressure.

I'm feeling the movements more and more and I even felt it from the outside a couple of times, so it won't be long before Jon and Jonathan will be able to also!
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