Noah is very interested in his new teeth - he sticks his tongue in and out over them a lot and then goes "bbbbb" and makes bubbles.

He is definitely ticklish now, mostly on his ribs but also under his armpits.

He has passed a toy (or Daddy's finger) from one hand to another several times.

When the Venables were over, we put Noah and Daniel on their stomachs on the floor facing each other, and not too long after realized they were grabbing for each others' faces.  Noah had scooted a few inches towards Daniel!  He will consistently stay on his stomach for a long time now, so hopefully that will turn into real crawling soon!

On a related note, Noah can also "crawl" on his back, kicking with his heels and pushing his head forward.  I don't remember noticing Jonathan doing that, but then again, we've noted that Noah's legs are stronger. 

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