Last weekend, we went to Keystone State Park with the Tomans.  We got a group campsite so we could put both tents together.  It was right on the lake and separate enough from other sites for privacy.

I hadn't done much with our camping supplies since two years ago, and some of the bug spray had spilled onto the bottom of the box.  How I discovered this was by wiping the spoon with my fingers (too lazy to go to the spigot to wash it - it's just dusty, right?) then stirring the food, then licking my fingers.  Ooh, yuck, ooh, tingly lips!  My lips were numb for several minutes.  The moms declined to eat the food and didn't give any to the kids, but the dads ate some and did not die. 

Saturday morning was foggy, but a gentle breeze cleared it and the weather was perfect for sailing with first-timers.  Jonathan and Maya even got to take turns with the tiller.

The kids fished for seaweed and played at the edge of the water.  My guys took a nap and the Tomans went to the beach.   

 We had dinner and s'mores and mountain pies (note, buy pie filling and not just cherries) and then the Tomans had to go home.  We wentfor a walk, scouting out good campsites, eating a few blackberries and one wineberry, catching fireflies.

We stayed another night (chilly despite having borrowed a blanket from the Tomans) and it dawned another lovely day.  We went to a church service that was pleasantly surprisingly Christian (no praying to some vague unnamed deity!)

Jon got us mostly packed, and then we went to the beach in the heat of the day, but did not stay very long.  Jonathan and Jon went swimming.

At lunch time Noah fell off the little camp stool right onto the rocks on his face and got a nasty couple of cuts under his right eye and the right side of his nose.  It is a miracle that the vast majority of us go through life with two eyes intact.

We finished up packing and headed out just 15 minutes after checkout time.  A fun but tiring trip, but a good park to go back to.  There were lots of things more to explore - it used to belong to a mining company, and they say you can still see the sealed entrance to the mine. 

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