Noah, as mentioned in Jon's saturday post, has been grabbing for my food, and I have started giving him tiny squashed samples.  This is one of the great differences between him and his big brother, who did not care very much for solid food until at least a year.  Yet it's not like this big boy is lacking any nutrition!


He has many new fun sounds that he likes to say: ba-ba-ba-ba, ma-ma, wa-wa, bbbbb, thhhh,  bbvvvv.  The last three are often accompanied by lots of spit and bubbles.


I can check off "looks for dropped item" on the list now.  I first noticed it when he looked up to watch a baloon he had  let go of, and then the other day he looked down when he dropped a toy.


Last night, he made good progress moving aroumd on the floor, playing with a soft frisbee we have.  He went straight sideways for two feet, which was an interesting thing to watch.  If he was holding on to the frisbee, he could move forward, but if he let go, his attempts to get it back only pushed him backwards and away.  Fascinating to watch. 

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