This post isn't much use to anyone else, unless they want to try to stalk us and find us at the bus stops. Here are (or at least, here will be) lists of busses that we take often to get various places. This way, Heather won't have to do as much work in the future.

To Kuhns:
Cheswick-Springdale 500 5th/Oakland 4:36 --> Freeport/Pearl 5:20

The best alternate route:
If you miss the Cheswick-Springdale 500, catch the next one (5th/Oakland Ave 4:54) and ride it to Highland/Penn (arriving 5:08). Then go to Penn Mall Station and catch the 93A at Shelter #3 at 5:26. That one goes to Freeport/Pearl around 5:50.

Next possibility:
74B - 5th/Robinson 5:15, Highland/Penn 5:32. This goes to Freeport opposite Ladbrokes at 6:09 which is not too far from the "regular" stop.

The next Cheswick 500:
5th@Oakland 5:21 --> Freeport/Pearl 6:10

Bus schedules dates:
500 - 9/04/2005; 93A - 9/04/2005; 74B - 9/04/2005;
Posted by Jon Daley on January 14, 2005, 2:00 pm | Read 2729 times
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Heather's To Kuhns:

out the door 4:25

86B PennMain 4:35 -> PennMallSt 4:49

500 HighlandPenn 4:57
Posted by Joyful on January 28, 2005, 3:53 pm
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