Noah has discovered the fun of taking out and putting in objects to a container.  He also isn't interested in crashing towers.  Instead, he likes to take them down carefully block by block.  He likes to copy us in driving cars around and the other day we were having a blast together - he'd run the car back and forth and then throw it off the table and laugh.   He's cruising the furniture more, and will walk behind a sliding object for a few steps.


He will have temper tantrums where he'll throw himself backwards.  In some cases, he does it when I'm putting him down, and the natural consequence is that he ends up on his back on the floor.   That makes him more unhappy, since he's only turned over from that position once.  But I leave him there for a few seconds and tell him that's one reason he shouldn't throw tempers.


When we were in Trader Joe's last week, Jonathan fell in love with a little potted rose plant and asked if he could keep it.  I figured it would be a good first "pet" and told him he could if he would be responsible for taking care of it.  He hugs it and carries it around.  He likes to water it, but I have to restrict him to once a day.


Teaching Jonathan about germs seems to be backfiring at the moment.  Tonight he was saying, "It's fun to wipe my germs on you!"  He touches something and says, "There! I got my germs on it." 

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Thanks! I've been news-hungry!

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