I just discovered another nifty feature of the Google search engine. You can paste in UPS and USPS tracking numbers, and will automatically provide you a link to the appropriate site, so you can track your package.
For those who are curious, the reason why I happened to see that is I just ordered a 2.5" hard drive and a USB to IDE converter box in order to make backups of my computer. I have finally gotten around to getting a system together, since one of our hard drives spontaneously powered down two days ago. It quickly recovered, and there weren't any error messages in the log, but presumably it is on its way out.
I couldn't tell which hard drive it was, I suppose hopefully it would be the one we bought this year, so then we could return it.
Posted by Jon Daley on November 4, 2004, 11:12 pm | Read 10327 times
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We got the hard drive and I used it to help a friend's sister get her data off her old computer to her new one. It worked well.
The USB to IDE converter works on Linux as well as Windows. I don't know why some vendors insist on using their own driver, rather than just using the default mass storage driver. It worked on Windows XP, Windows ME and Linux 2.6 without any additional drivers.
I bought it from Inside Computer and they shipped it quite quickly, without any hassles.
Posted by jondaley on November 10, 2004, 5:58 pm
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