Yesterday, Jonathan did and said several things of note. 

He counted to 100 all by himself!  (He still has to think really hard and is not consistent yet, but he did it once.)

He asked how to spell "tub" and "bath" and then said, "b-a-t-h-t-u-b."

He observed that you can use your breath to cool a hot thing down and warm a cold thing up.  When Jon asked him if it was his breath that changed temperature or the other things, he answered correctly.

Last night was our church Christmas concert ("talent show") - one of the numbers was a recorder quartet, including a bass recorder.  Afterwards, Jonathan remarked, "That bent recorder was unusual."

At bedtime, Jonathan and I were discussing how warm fleece blankets are and I noted that they're not if it's windy, but there wasn't any wind in the house.  Jonathan asked why they're not warm when it's windy and I said because there are lots of tiny holes in the fabric.  He asked, "As teeny as a folicle?" 

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:) Thanks for the update. We miss you even more at Christmas. Not that we're not having fun here, of course. Just set up a wireless router and now have a Settlers game going....

Posted by SursumCorda on December 24, 2007, 10:55 am
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