A while ago, sometime before our vacation, we were out with a friend. It had been a rather long trip - getting some Italian ice, playing at a playground, walking. When we got back into the car, I saw Jonathan do his I-need-to-go-to-the-bathroom shiver. I (probably unwisely) tried to ignore it or pretend maybe he was cold. But then I heard him softly encouraging himself, "You can go pee when you get home." I thought it was so sweet that he thought of that, but I knew the drive would be too long, so I notified Daddy and they took care of it.

Jonathan and Daddy had a lot of time together this weekend while I was sick and recovering. I'll let Jon write about that, but I did want to write something Jonathan said when he got home yesterday evening. "Have a good holly time!" When we looked at him without understanding, he got a thoughtful look, said, "no...", hesitated, then exclaimed, "Holly-day! Have a good holly day!"

This morning, I wrote a good friend's name on my pregnancy prayer list, and once again Jonathan asked if he could write on the whiteboard. I said no because I don't want any accidental wall marks, and he was sad about that. Then I told him about the chalkboard that I had when I was little, and suggested that it might be a nice thing to get for his birthday. Did he think that was a good idea? He hesitated, then asked, "A chalkboard and a cake for my birthday?" "Yes, you can definitely still have a cake for your birthday. You can have more than one thing for your birthday." Much relieved and happy, he said, "Okay!"
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