Well, so far he hasn't forgotten things from before he was three.  Just out of the blue the other day, Jonathan was talking about the Maggie P and said, "That burning up fire toilet is pretty cool."


Speaking of being three, he will occasionally ask me, "Mommy, am I still three?"


He likes singing all manner of songs, and the other day this came out: "Atama, kata, Janken Pon!"


He is getting quite adventurous with jumping now.  He likes to jump from the red and green couch arm to the blue couch cushions in our living room.  Yesterday at church, he jumped down from the third step many times and then even tried a few times from the top/fourth step!  Safe landings every time.


We have an aquadoodle pad that has ~3" tall capital letters and numerals on it, and the other day I watched him trace most of the letters very neatly (instead of just scribbling them in.)


He also draws people with more body parts than are typical for his age.  Unfortunately, those people are anatomically correct, yet naked.  Mom was very impressed with his developmental progress, but we're going to have to work on drawing clothes in order for his artwork to be decent.  I guess he's right up there with the greats like Michelangelo...

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