At the Maggie P, Jonathan learned how to tie knots.  Now he ties ropes all around the yard in a great booby-trap for potential robbers (or mail carriers.)

He can also put a pillowcase on a pillow without assistance.

And finally (to my slight sadness - isn't motherhood weird?) Jonathan pronounces "water" correctly.  It was one of his first words (pronounced "wye" like "rye") and when he added the last syllable, the first was the same, making it sound exactly like "wider."  I didn't think I'd miss it, but I do.  Crazy Mommy, I guess it just goes in the same category as Beth being sad when her firstborn lost her first tooth.

Funny quote: "Why are you doing so much work?  It makes me tired."

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I understand the sadness over "losing" a word. Thankfully, I still have my two-year-old to keep me filled up with cute pronunciation goodness.

Two words Maya still says incorrectly (that delight me every time I hear them):
"beh-bye" = bye bye
"pop-iss-cull" = popsicle

Posted by serina on August 15, 2007, 7:59 pm
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