Happy Birthday, little guy!

Jonathan and I have been singing the birthday song to him all day, and Jonathan's version includes "dear my little brother Noah." 

6/24 - 14th tooth, upper right canine poked through.

6/26 - We were dropping Jonathan off at the babysitting for my Bible study.  I said, "See you later, buddy!"  Noah then, of his own initiative, waved his arm and said, "Bah! Bah!"

6/27 - Noah was playing with Nemesis Factor and he discovered on his own how to skip the puzzles without solving them.  Jonathan said, "Noah, play the game right."  (P.S. beware if you go searching for the game on the internet because there are several sites with the solutions.)

6/27 - He took nine steps to get to me!  He is still cautious, but tries more frequently to walk places.

Noah really likes playing throw and catch.  He even might turn out to be a lefty!

He will lean his head close to receive a kiss. 

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Happy Birthday:)

Posted by Lizzie on June 28, 2007, 9:17 pm
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