I just noticed that Jonathan has 203 posts, Isaac has 60, and Noah only has 14, so I will take this opportunity to write about our left-behind third child.
He seems to like trying to catch my eye while I am working at my laptop, and we are sitting on the couch together. I will notice that he is looking at me, and when I refocus past my laptop screen on his eyes, he brightens and grins as big as he can.
Also, tonight, I believe for the first time, he grabbed a small cloth bee with crinkly wings that Jonathan really enjoyed when he was younger. It was on the ground, and Noah picked it up and waved it around for a minute or two. Later, when Heather went to finish the dishes and the instructions to me to, "smile at him once in a while", as I was working, he got bored from lying on the carpet with nothing to do, and so we played with the bee, zooming around and touching him on the cheeks, and feet, etc. If I flew too fast, he would lose track of it, but he seemed to like it moving from side to side, and anticipating its dives closer to him.
Posted by Jon Daley on September 25, 2006, 9:53 pm | Read 2239 times
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Noah is not really so left-behind. He just hasn't lived long enough to get so many posts! I looked it up and Jonathan only has three posts in his first three months. I wrote most of his early milestones on actual paper, whereas all of Noah's are on the blog.
Posted by joyful on October 2, 2006, 10:50 am
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