Joy has two hair swirls at the back of her head.  One goes clockwise and one counter-clockwise.  Each of my other children only have one.

5/3 - Joy's two month appointment.  12 lb, 3 oz.  She is developing a birthmark in the upper right of her forehead (can't remember the very long medical term, and interestingly enough, "birth"marks can appear within a few months of birth and not only at birth.)  It's likely to grow to about a nickel size and then recede to be gone when she's about five or six.  When her hair grows out, it should completely cover it.  Her bellybutton finally finished its healing and got the ok.

5/7 - Faith and Joy love looking at the bits.  Faith always asks for more and Joy smiles.  I am going to put them in the new school schedule so that I actually do them.

5/8 - Jonathan lost his fifth tooth.  Bottom left.  He was biting on a string and it popped out.  The tooth fairy forgot to come, so he just got a quarter in the morning. 

He is starting a quarter collection and has 21 distinct state quarters.  His favorite is Oklahoma, "because it has a bird with two tail fins."  I thought he wouldn't have to have a quarter collection because of Dad-o's Christmas present to him every year, but it turns out that 2003 was the fifth year that they minted the state quarters, so Jonathan missed out on 20 before he was born.  He now has several of those 20 in his collection.

5/9 - It was a beautiful day (rare in this especially rainy spring) and we took our bikes to the park.  We brought Noah's two wheel pedal bike, and without too much trouble, he was riding around!  By the end of the afternoon, he could start, ride, and stop on his own.  He does need a bit of practice with the back-pedal brakes, though.  Faith was glad to inherit the pedal-less bike and went very slowly around the parking lot quite happily.

5/9 - Jonathan can now whistle.  Jonathan says he could about two months ago, but that day was when I knew it.  It still needs practice, but the basic idea is there.

5/10 - Faith was doing "this little piggy" on Joy's toes.  "That one to market, that one at home, that one had blueberries, that one had none, that one goes wee wee wee wee."

Faith can also tell the jokes that she has heard her brothers tell.  "knock knock.  who's there? onion ring.  onion ring who? onion ring the doorbell because knock knock doesn't work"  Also, this one that she modified from Noah, who modified it from Jonathan.

Jonathan's version: You are in a room with no doors and no windows.  All you have is a mirror and a table.  How do you get out?  Answer: You look in the mirror and see what you saw.  You take the saw and cut the table in half.  Two halves make a whole, you crawl through the hole and get out."

Noah's version:  similar except you have a camera, a saw and a table.  The answer is: You cut the table and jump through the hole.

Faith's version: "In a room, no window, no doors. You had saw, table. How get out? Cut table, jump out!  Ha, ha, ha, ha!"

5/11 - Jonathan, while clipping coupons and throwing away the ones for makeup, "I think some makeup is all right, but some, whoa, it's horrible! I mean, that black eye stuff?  It makes them look like they haven't slept in a week!"

5/11 - Faith did a card trick on me and it worked!  I picked a random card, and put it back in.  Then she found my card again.  It also worked for Daddy, though he saw how she did it.

Joy has truly brought much joy to our house.  I am somehow especially treasuring tthe sweetness of a new baby, her smiles and coos.  And it spills over so I am also especially enjoying aspects of each age and stage.  I love being a mom!  Our marriage is also especially good as we near the ten year mark.

5/16 - We went to a Star Wars movie-watching costume party.  Jonathan came in his homemade Luke costume, Noah in his Obi Wan, I wore my high school graduation gown and twirled up my hair (not quite as good as it would have been before my haircut), Faith wore the Jawa costume Jonathan made for her, and Jon was Han Solo, wearing a vest Jonathan made.  We also made Yoda guacamole layer dip, and R2D2 pizza.

5/17 - Faith, "Can I push the dingbell?"

5/19 - Jonathan and Noah were imagining what a mixup movie of Star Wars and Narnia might look like.  I didn't hear it all, but I did catch, "Darth Sidis tries to electric Aslan, but it all bounces off... King Miraz's army is Storm Troopers with shields and swords."

5/19 - For someone who named her car "Kermit" in high school, I somehow missed letting my kids know about the Muppets.  Trader Joe's has a parody written above the produce section, which Jonathan remembered as, "It's kinda hard 'bean' green."

We went to the CHAP homeschool convention this past weekend.  I came much more prepared this year than the previous years.  I had specific things for us to check out and a list of items to buy.  It was a good and productive time.

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Thanks for the updates and the pictures! Joseph enjoyed watching the videos, especially those with Noah. Everyone is growing up so quickly!

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