8/21 - I can't remember when babies are "supposed" to get object permanence, but Joy definitely has it.  She was playing on her tummy on the kitchen floor with two toys.  When she lost them under herself, she looked all around trying to find them again.

8/24 - Jonathan called the part between your throat and your stomach the "sarcophagus".

8/26 - Joy started sitting up for several minutes before falling over.  Now she is an old pro at it and rarely falls over.  She can sometimes get to a crawling position from sitting.

8/26 - The kids and I went to walk to the farm down the road to get corn.  One time when we pulled off into the grass to avoid coming traffic (a big dump truck) a dog barked at us from the yard (he was behind a fence).  Faith freaked out and headed back for the road (good thing I was holding her hand.)  At that point I decided I was not going to survive walking all the way to the farm on our busy road with all the kids (Joy was in the backpack) so we headed back home.  Then we talked over the incident with Daddy when we got home.  He asked Faith if she thought it was worse to be licked by a dog, or get run over by a truck.  She said it was worse to be licked by a dog.  So we had a discussion about that.  We assured her it was even better to get bitten by a dog than run over by a truck.  I think (from subsequent conversations) she understands that now, but she is still rather terrified of dogs in general.

8/26 - Jonathan was chattering for about three minutes straight.  Then he stopped and said, "What was I saying?"  Jon shook his head, not sure.  Noah said, "Well, I think you ended with 'and'..."

8/26 - (hmm. this was a busy day) I was working in the garden and had set up the baby monitor so I would hear when Joy woke up.  Then after she did and I brought her out with me, the boys wanted to play with the monitor.  They set up the speaker in the middle of the zucchini plant and then hid in the basement and sang (to the tune of Oh What A Beautiful Morning), "Hello, Mrs. Whoever-you-are.  I am a magical zucchini.  If you pick me but don't eat me and put me on your counter, I will give you wishes...[etc]"  It was very funny.  Jonathan said he had to say "Mrs. Whoever-you-are" because if he said "Mommy" I would know it was really him!

8/27 - Joy ate her first jelly bean.  This is what happens when you have older siblings.  It wasn't a deliberate feeding.  She found it on the floor of the kitchen.

9/2 - Joy has a pretty good pincer grasp now.

9/4 - Joy got her first tooth!  Bottom left incisor.

9/6 - Joy got her second tooth.  Bottom right.

Joy has started biting me while nursing.  Last night (9/10) I yelled and scared her and she went on nursing strike all night long.  At 6 am, I looked on kellymom about nursing strikes, and sure enough, one of the causes is, "You reacted strongly when your baby bit you, and the baby was frightened."  They have lots of advice for helping the baby get back to nursing.  One is to try when she's asleep or mostly asleep.  That worked at 6:30 and she went back to bed.  Now she will start to latch and then pull away.  She has fallen asleep on my shoulder and I will try again.  Not sure when I'll make another post, so probably an update can come in the comments.  It's taking a lot of energy to be calm and soothing and trying not to wince myself when she latches on.

Update 9/14 - By Sunday evening, she was nursing well even when awake.  She was a bit concerned as we went to bed, but once I assured her it was ok, she latched on and nursed to sleep.  By morning, everying was as it had been before the strike.  She has not bitten me again.

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I guess I was lucky -- or you were determined. I reacted very strongly the first time you bit me (though I didn't really throw you across the room), but that didn't deter you one bit. You did stop biting, however.

Posted by Mom on September 11, 2011, 2:14 pm

She still won't nurse when fully awake - tries it, pulls away, looks at me questioningly. I assure her verbally that it's ok, and then we go on to something else, and try again later.

My other three nursing children didn't have such trouble, either.

Posted by joyful on September 11, 2011, 3:04 pm
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