4/11 - Jonathan likes to be creative with lunches.  He made dill pickle and mustard sandwiches that day. He liked it.

As I was keeping track of rainbows I was struck by how many days were sunny.  April 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 25

4/14 - Faith's first time successfully saying her name to a stranger.  A major victory! Even still, she doesn't like to do it.

4/16 - Joy's bottom right molar came in

4/18 - We had a very fun afternoon playing family soccer in the back yard.  It started out with rather evenly-numbered teams and then progressed to all of us against Daddy only kicking with his left foot.  He still beat us.  But when we switched goals we managed to get half his score instead of zero.  Then we played "ball soccer" which is basically do whatever you want to get the ball to the goal.  It was a super fun time!

4/19 - Joy's top left molar came in

Around the end of April, beginning of May, Joy started putting on one leg of pants, and trying to put  on socks and shoes.

5/1 - We flew to Florida to spend two weeks with Grandma and Dad-o. A fun-filled time. Not too many details here, and links to Grandma's posts, because I'm trying to pack and move and not spend too long on blog posts.

The day before we left, we got a call that our favorite house in Hillsboro was back on the market, so we scrambled a bit to get another offer in.  They counered, and we accepted, and so it looks like we're going to get it after all! 

The morning we left, Jon got a call from Denny Rd buyer's agent saying the bank's appraiser rejected the house for several reasons.  So he scrambled that day to fix some things, and we gave her a key so the buyers could fix some other things while we were gone.  Craziness.

But we did make it to the airport on time.

Much of the time there Jonathan spent in the pool.  He, and all the kids, made much progress in those two weeks.

On Friday, Jon met a friend in Ft.Lauderdale for a bike trip.  The rest of us went to Sea World.  Very fun!  Jonathan loved the Atlantis ride, everyone loved all the different animals, and the kiddie park (Jonathan's favorite ride in the whole world is the Shamu Express roller coaster.)  None of the kids (except Joy) thought they got wet enough at the Shamu show.  (Faith and I had chosen to stay away from the splash zone, but she changed her mind after it was too late.)

5/7 - Jonathan touched the drain at the bottom of Grandma and Dad-o's pool.

Grandma's post about the fort.

I met a high school friend in the park and our eight children had fun playing with each other while the moms talked.  Here's mom's post about how the maintenance man thought I shouldn't let Joy play on the playground equipment.

5/9 - Great-Grandma Landeen's kitchen sink cabinet doors were open.  Joy looked at it, looked at me, shook her head "no" and didn't go near it.

After spending a fun day and a half with Grandma Landeen, we headed to the beach for an hour or so.  Jonathan thought it was great to jump up with the waves as they came.  Joy and Faith preferred to play in the sand.  We got to watch a rainstorm approach but it got blown out to sea south of us.

5/10 - We went to Sea World again, this time with Daddy, but without Grandma and Dad-o.  It was also fun, and I love the Manta ride.  The harness seat holds you and it's smooth so your head doesn't bang around.  It's like being a toddler again, when your Dad swooshes you around flying.  We sat in the second row of the Shamu soak zone and this time eveyone agreed that we got too wet.  Thoroughly soaked, to be exact.  Joy and Faith were crying.  All the kids got to change clothes, but Jon and I had to slowly dry all the rest of the day.  The dolphin show was really neat - it would be so cool to be pushed through the water like a rocket by a dolphin!

5/11 - Joy's bottom left molar came in

5/12 - All of us went to Animal Kingdom.  It was a great time overall.  The kids really liked finding animals in the Tree of Life.  Jonathan left his Sea World hat in the gear pocket in the Dinosaur ride, but it turns out they have a whole system for retrieving stuff like that, and he got it back!  We had a ton of fun in the Boneyard playground.  Joy climbed up the rope nets and slid down the big twisty slides all by herself.  Grandma got videos which I'll hope to link to.  (The best video sadly didn't get saved because her camera crashed right at the end.)  Dad-o was very generous in the ice cream department, for which we were all grateful. (:

5/13 - Jonathan and Noah were sitting on Grandma's porch swing holding up the plastic porch chairs legs out like guns.  Jonathan called this massive weapon the "octagun".

5/17 - Faith counted backwards from 10 all by herself.

5/18 - Jonathan said the old fashioned car horns should say "ex-CUSE-me" instead of "ah-OOH-ga"

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These bring a smile to my face. Thanks for posting. I hope the move goes smoothly and without any further craziness!

Looking forward to seeing y'all at the Maggie!

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