I just realized I haven't posted about the new baby in a while. We have decided to go to the same midwife that we had for Jonathan's birth. She is very excited and our first appointment will be in the middle of December.
I am now 9 weeks along which means that the baby is 7 weeks old. He (I will always refer to him as a he until proven otherwise - it's just easier) has a beating heart and fingers, too.

I am feeling great. Needing a nap every day. Eating small amounts nearly constantly. It is interesting to me that I have a hard time with big meals. I only remember that being in the very end when there was no more room for my stomach. So I am eating like a hobbit - breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, etc. I also have great cravings for fresh fruits and vegetables. How great is that?!? I can eat as many clementines as I want and it will be good for me. Scrambled eggs are once again a favorite and recently baked potatoes, too. I actually enjoyed the pancakes Jon made the other night which is a vast difference from the other two pregnancies. However, the smell of basmati rice cooking was unpleasant and that night I only ate salad and skipped the stirfry. What's the reason for that? Isn't rice about the plainest thing one can eat?

This time around I find myself sometimes even forgetting that I'm pregnant. I have so many things to do and keep my attention on that I'm not thinking about it all the time, which is a good thing.
Posted by Heather Daley on November 18, 2005, 10:05 am | Read 2877 times
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Okay, question from the sis. What do you mean you're 9 weeks along and the baby is only 7 weeks old?
Posted by Harp on November 18, 2005, 6:31 pm

It's the way we count things here in America (at least) - very confusing until you get used to it. The pregnancy is counted from the last menstrual period (LMP) but the baby is not conceived until approximately 2 weeks after that.
Posted by joyful on November 19, 2005, 8:15 am

Glad to hear you're doing well. Meals hobbit-style are a good idea. And forgetting you're pregnant sometimes--also natural! Even after Ellery started kicking, I had to remind myself to spend a few minutes focusing on her every day, or I'd forget!
Posted by serina on December 9, 2005, 2:59 pm
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