Jon's friend Marc from work has a friend who had a friend (Lena) and her cousin (Sergio) visiting the States from Columbia. Wednesday afternoon, they left work early and we all headed up to North Park Lake for a sail.
The weathermen were predicting a storm, but it looked fine so we went ahead with our plans. It was a blazing hot day, but there was a breeze which helped a lot. At the lake, we have to leave the mast down at launch, paddle under a bridge and then to the other side where we set everything up.

I let Jon instruct the guests while I found a restroom. Then Jonathan and I watched some big boys fishing. One caught a little bass and threw it back. Then we were ready to go.

At first, it was rather calm, but then the breeze picked up and it was really nice. Soon, the wind got stronger with a few gusts. Jon did an excellent job, he had some really nice smooth tacks even with the strong wind. There were a couple of gusts that made people nervous, but the rest of the sail was enjoyable. Jonathan was happy to sit by himself for most of the sail. Once, Jon felt a raindrop and decided it was time to head back up the lake. We quickly breezed up with the wind behind us, so then he tacked around for a while before deciding to go in. We made a nice landing and took everything down, then paddled back across and under and put everything away. Our guests had enjoyed it (except the parts where they sat in the lee in the gusts) and it was a good trip.

Then we all went to Bruster's where Marc treated us all to ice cream and we sat at a picnic table talking for a while. Then we headed home and Marc, Lena, and Sergio went to Mt.Washington to watch the sunset. The storm did not actually come until late that night.
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