We intended to get up early and go back to Richard's to finish vacuuming and do a wash (Wednesday - Mittwoch - being his assigned wash day.) However, we spent a while eating breakfast with our hosts.  It turned out that Richard had come home late the night before so he had started a wash first thing in the morning.  This was a good thing because we only had time for one wash.  We finished cleaning up there and then walked to Stephan and Janet's apartment.  We passed the zoo on the way and got to see some mountain goats from the bridge that crosses over the zoo.  Jon knew how to get there except didn't know the building number.  We looked at the names on the doorbells but did not find the right one, so eventually called.  It was a doorway that had no bells because you had to go through a courtyard to get to his buildling.  Their apartment is at the very top. The elder Stücklins and Wightmans were discussing July plans when we got there.
Then we had some food and tea and then the men worked on the installation of the window blind. In the process, Jon got a poky plant right in the eye. It irritated him for quite some time and we considered whether we might have to find a doctor.

But he seemed ok for the moment and we headed out to walk around to visit more countries.  We took a tram close to the German border and then walked right over.  I tried to get our passports stamped but they don't do that anymore.  Then we walked across the bridge and got our pictures taken in France!  Once before, when Faith was less than two months old, she had visited more countries than she was months old - the US and Canada. Now, at four months old, she did it again, bringing her total number of visited countries to five.

We walked back over and had dinner in Germany, at a Turkish restaurant.

Then we took trams and feet to Veronika's place for tea.  This is where Janet lived until her marriage.  We had a delicious mint tea that was refreshing and not overly strong on the mint taste.  This evening it was Janet who was feeling sick.

We got quite lost trying to find the tram station on the way back, but eventually did and made it home safe but exhausted.
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Many thanks for the blind installation, by the way. It works perfectly and really adds to the apartment. I'm looking forward to watching a movie on it someday soon...

Posted by Stephan on January 19, 2009, 7:03 am
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