Noah's a great sleeper, we think because I already had some milk. We had our first tandem nursing session at home Thursday morning and it is sweet to see the two nursing brothers looking at each other across me.
Last night was a hard one, though. He had a lot of gas and would not sleep long without being on my chest.

The new milk is in (though Jonathan says it tastes the same.)

Noah gave us a little scare by having blood in his messy diapers, but the conclusion was that he just swallowed some birth stuff. It's all cleared out now, and the yellow, curdy breastmilk messies have arrived.

Jonathan likes to play with him, but has to be reminded about gentleness a lot. He is missing my attention and has started saying things like, "I don't like Grandma, I don't like Dad-o, I don't like my Daddy, I only like Mommy." What he means is "I don't want to play with [name], I want my Mommy" so we're trying to react gently and not make a big deal out it.

Last night at dinner, Jonathan said, "Please pass the baby."

When playing with Dad-o, Jonathan likes to wear his glasses. Today, he called himself "'Fessor Daley."

He is also enjoying all the new puzzles and toys that showed up along with his baby brother.
Posted by Heather Daley on July 1, 2006, 5:50 pm | Read 2115 times
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he's BEAUTIFUL, heather and jon! congrats, again! so glad everything is going so well for you.
Posted by liz on July 2, 2006, 12:14 pm
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