Speakeasy is my DSL provider. Snurgle.org also uses them, so that is how I heard about them. We have been using them for a year or so, and the ten times or so that I had to open a customer support ticket, it has gone quite well, and fairly fast response time (within a couple of days at the most).They are a little more expensive than some other DSL providers, but they don't do anything silly like block port 80 (and leave port 25 open, like Verizon). Their policies seem to be clearer than Verizon's also -- I asked Verizon whether it was alright to run a server on a "residential" account, and got different answers from different people, and when I finally got through to someone who seemed to know the best, I asked him to see where that was in writing, and he said they didn't have it in their external policies, but only in their internal policies... Seems like a confusing way to do things, myself.
I don't think our service has ever gone down, other than twice when they had planned system outages, during the middle of the night -- theoretically it was down during that time, but since I don't tend to be up at midnight to 4 AM, I didn't notice. They also haven't had an outage for longer than 4 hours, which is nice if you have a mail server, since most mail servers will timeout out after the machine is down for four hours.
For those of you who remember snurgle's outage a couple months ago, that was Verizon's fault, and not Speakeasy's. Apparently, when Verizon tried to install a second phone line, they accidentally snipped the wires to the first line.
If you are interested in Speakeasy's service, if you use this link, I get some money when you sign up. Thanks!
Posted by Jon Daley on October 5, 2004, 8:29 am | Read 5117 times
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