We were, and continue to be, overwhelmed by the support we have received from all of you.
From the numerous:
  • phone calls
  • emails
  • visits to the hospital and home
    Sometimes staying for hours or overnight
  • prayer lists to which we have been added
  • food showing up in our refrigerator and doorstep
  • prayers
  • encouraging scripture verses
  • removing air conditioners that were leaking cold air into our house
  • caulking our bathtub
  • grocery shopping
  • miscellaneous shopping
  • arranging housing for family
  • driving us places
  • cleaning
  • flowers
  • And other various requested tasks being joyfully completed
God is amazing: I know we have been covered in prayer on 5 continents. I figure Antarctica might be a little hard to find someone, and I don't know of anyone in South America praying for us, but after I have heard about all the people who have been praying for us, I wouldn't be all that surprised if there is someone there too. (Thanks to Nancy Brutt for offering to email someone in South America... (: )
Now of course it is always dangerous to name anyone specially, as you then run the risk of offending someone who was not named, but I particularly want to mention a couple people. Please don't be offended if you thought your action/deed/whatever was worthy of particular mention, it probably is, but I also want to get this web page done and out, so I can update those people who only find out about this over the web.

(in reverse alphabetical order by the 4th letter of the last name... or... no particular order)
  • Alissa Kuhns: Stayed with Heather overnight, and was at our house every day I think, cleaning, cooking, and caring for us all. And continues to do so.
  • John Kuhns: A vigilant prayer warrior, encouraging with scripture, and having faith that God is sovereign over all.
  • William Kuhns: Encouraging Heather with hugs and bringing her toys to cheer her up. Running around at the NICU, turning off the lights in the waiting room, reminding us to be joyful.
  • Mike Pierson: was at the hospital every day with me, a constant support and encouragement.
  • Tina Lockett: Prayer, making phone calls to find/inform other people, encouraging us to go for a walk in the sun, driving Heather to/from the hospital.
  • Mom Daley: for flying to Pittsburgh and being with us and Isaac.
  • Rob Moore: always thinking of what he could do, fixing my bike, getting dinner at the hospital, bringing over a dinner with complete instructions and materials for how to make a fondue dinner with minimal effort on our part.
  • Jim Herron: can't not do anything, constantly running around, bringing my mom to the airport, (ask him for a gallon of milk, he brings breakfast for the whole family...)
  • Iva Mae, and the other women who stayed with Heather while I was at the hospital with Isaac.
  • Joel Rishel: Praying and encouraging us with scripture that God laid on his heart.
  • Beth Pellegrini: empathizing with us in the NICU, and organizing the women in the womens' bible study to stay with Heather next week, when I will be returning to work.
  • Cathy: Isaac's daytime nurse, working 12 hour shifts, but still being patient with us when we asked questions, caring for all of us, making sure we had privacy when we needed it, but close enough to come running the second we needed any help. For dragging the doctor out of the room, when he wouldn't leave when I asked him to.
  • Dr. Brozanski: Isaac's daytime nurse for the first two days, who wanted to make sure not to use confusing medical terms, and who told the story straight out, without trying to be "nice".
  • Sara Failor: brought over so much food that it would probably feed a starving nation in Africa. Making breakfast on Saturday, and when I called and asked how quickly she could be at our house, said, "leaving now".
  • The two hundred or so people who made contact with us over the last couple of days, with encouraging words, emails, phone calls, visits, scriptures, e-cards, and flowers.
Thanks be to God for you all!
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