That bottom right canine finally showed itself.
Jonathan has had a cold for the past several days, which makes sleeping tough and also diapers. Stuffy/runny nose and diarrhea are no fun for baby or parents. After washing all the diaper covers every day for the past several days, I have decided to go to disposables until he is through. One reason is also that I can't stand the smell.

He now says "dog." It sounds like "dot."

The other night Jonathan crawled off the bed in the dark to greet Daddy who had just come home. But he misjudged in the dark and fell smack on his face. He got rug-burn on his nose and upper lip, and having a runny nose does not help that healing.

Bits update: Jonathan's favorite dog is the Pomeranian. I suspect it is because it looks like the dog is smiling. He asks for the butterflies a lot and I think he even tried to say "butterfly" today. I have confirmation for the "rule" about doing it when your kid is in the right mood. Several weeks ago when I introduced the flowers, he wouldn't look at them, which is quite unusual for brand new bits. We were in the basement, where there are lots of toys, and the piano, etc. I soon decided that we would not do bits in the basement because there are just too many other interesting things. Once I started showing him the flowers upstairs, he ate them up and asks for them occasionally, too.

We got him some real shoes this weekend, from Stride Rite - size 6 1/2 extra wide. He complained at first, but I determined that it was not from a wrong fit but only not liking the hard sole. He is getting used to walking in them, and he should be totally fine with it very soon.

On our walk yesterday afternoon (a lovely sunny warm day!) he signed "bathroom" and I told him there wasn't one but he could try to hold it until we got home. He did!
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