This morning, we drove up to the birth clinic where Jonathan and Noah were born.  Their midwife has retired (she wanted to before Noah was born, but actually did right before Faith was born) and her daughter has taken over the job.  We had met C before, when she was helping out her mom, I think during Jonathan's pregnancy.

Because this pregnancy came directly after the miscarriage, I was not exactly sure of the dates, but after some discussion it seems that March 1 is close enough to go by.  It is easy to let the weeks slide by without keeping track, so I am a bit surprised to note that we are nearly halfway through!

The baby kicked at the fetoscope vigorously and she hadn't used it in a while, so it took her a while to get the heartbeat.  When she did it was 150, so maybe we can expect another girl. (:  (Some say girl babies have higher fetal heart rates than boys.)

Again, my iron was a bit low, so I am back to eating blackstrap molasses...  However, I am not very concerned, because my energy levels have been good, and because the molasses did the trick last time.

Overall, it was a good appointment and we are happy to be going back.  It was fun to show the boys the rooms they were born in.  Noah, of course, doesn't remember it at all.  Jonathan thought he did but didn't recognize much when we got in (he was only 2 1/2 when Noah was born.)  Grammy - Jonathan did remember playing golf in the hallway.

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I noticed, too, that by the fifth time we don't get the baby ticker, either. You'll have to remind me to make plane reservations.

I hope to do better for this baby than I did for Faith with the blanket, though -- but I'll admit it was kind of fun knowing that she was a girl before choosing the fabrics. :)

Posted by SursumCorda on October 7, 2010, 2:58 pm

Well, we could put the ticker up now that we've settled on a date. But right now I'm headed for a nap.

Posted by joyful on October 7, 2010, 3:31 pm

You might talk with Janet, too. I don't remember the details, but Janet mixed her molasses with something -- hot chocolate? coffee? -- that made it easier to take than a straight tablespoon.

Posted by SursumCorda on October 7, 2010, 3:50 pm

For maximum iron absorption, you're not supposed to take it with calcium, so that would take hot chocolate out of the running. And I think I'd rather take it plain than drink coffee. (:

Posted by joyful on October 7, 2010, 5:45 pm

Yeah, I've heard the maximum absorption thing, too, but I seem to also recall some natural sources of iron come with calcium, and we don't really know how everything works anyway, so I just take the stuff the way I can stomach it. Maybe I just like doing my own thing since I know everything is healthy in some culture somewhere. ;)

I used to use hot milk, then coffee, then hot chocolate, and now my current kick is Ovomaltine (no sugar added). It brought my numbers from worryingly low to quite good, so I figure it gives me enough iron and also a bit of calcium, which is good since I don't drink as much milk here as I do in the States.

And speaking of doing what you think is right, I'll hijack your post enough to say that people seem to say you ought to do what you feel is right as a mother just up to the point where they disagree with you. We all draw the line somewhere, but I find it amusing how the one follows the other so quickly!

We can't wait to meet our little cousin/nephew/niece!

Posted by IrishOboe on October 8, 2010, 4:27 am

Thanks for that, Janet. Maybe I'll try it in hot chocolate and see if it ruins the hot chocolate for me. d:

It's good to know it still worked for you. You're right about recommendations being different everywhere.

A friend on facebook said, why don't you just make cookies. But it would be a lot of cookies everyday to get the same amount of molasses... Fun, but probably only for the first couple of days!

Posted by joyful on October 8, 2010, 10:28 am

I didn't know you were expecting another baby! I obviously missed that post while I had company in the summer. Congratulations, extremely late.

Posted by steph on October 19, 2010, 5:25 pm
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