10/3 - Jon felt the baby kick!  Since then, Jonathan and Faith have thought maybe they felt it.  If the kids were ever up when I was still in bed but awake in the morning, they would definitely be able to feel it.

10/3 - Noah counted to 20 on his own.  He is most comfortable sticking with 12, though.

10/5 - Faith, seeing a picture of Grandma on the computer said, "'Ma"

10/18 - Jonathan, talking to Noah about where to put a recipe, "I call it her biscuit cookbook because all I ever make out of it is biscuits."

10/20 - Noah decided this was my pretend birthday and so sang to me a lot and gave me pretend presents.  Then Faith was pretending it was the baby's birthday and sang to him, "Baby, baby, baby, baby.  Amen!"

10/20 - Our friends invited us for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner since they had gotten a big free turkey.  Jonathan, discussing white meat versus dark meat, "White meat turns to powder when you chew it and dries out your mouth."

10/21 - My 31st birthday!  I always like birthdays and have no problem with my age.  The day itself was rather normal, with ups and downs and pretty busy.  In the evening as we were going home from the Kuhns (Alissa never fails to make me a cake with real homemade buttercream frosting!) Jonathan remarked, "It's a really clear night to see the clouds!"

The next part is about potty training.  I try not to be graphic, but the subject still is what it is.  Read or skip as you like.

Last Saturday (10/16) Jon and the boys went to help build a barn.  Faith and I had a very fun day together just mother and daughter.  In the morning as I was changing her diaper I thought, "Oh!  This would have been a great day to try the potty training again, if I had thought of it sooner and prepared."  Well, I decided to go ahead and try her wearing underwear, though we weren't going to do the official routine from the book.  So it was a mixture of techniques but she did great and was dry until 3:30am.  We had tried leaving her in underwear overnight but she's not quite ready for that (I had put a towel and waterproof pad under her.)  Then on Sunday her first public outing in underwear!  She was dry until 1:30pm (distracted while eating a snack.)  We made many trips to the bathroom during the service and most of them included success, including #2!  

10/18 - We went to some stores and the trip was longer than usual because of our trips to the bathrooms.  She was dry the whole time.  I had a brilliant revelation in the Giant Eagle bathroom - I put a piece of toilet paper over the automatic sensor.  The toilet did not flush until I took it off.  All moms of toddlers (or anyone who hates it when those things go off too early) should try this method!

Well, I have some more detailed notes for myself, but the rest of the time pretty much has been that we have not gone back to diapers (except for nighttime - and she makes sure I assure her that she can wear her underwear again, "mowwow" -tomorrow) and there has been much success and a few accidents.  She has the hardest time remembering for #2 and I'm not sure what to do about that.  She has twice in this week been dry all night long.  Usually she likes for me to accompany her to the bathroom but a few times she has done it all on her own.  She is very happy to be a "big girl" and she is doing great at pulling up her own pants.  I think that was the major hindrance in our effort earlier - she just did not have the motor skills to do that a few months ago.  When she says she needs to go it sounds like "bapoh" or "bapoo" but is usually also accompanied by the sign.  I have discovered that it is much easier to pay attention to her and give her reminders when I am alone with her.  (:

Posted by Heather Daley on October 23, 2010, 8:38 am | Read 3240 times
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Yay, Faith!

Posted by SursumCorda on October 23, 2010, 10:35 am

that's great news on the potty training!! Why have I never thought of the toilet paper trick for automatic flushers? Even Samantha is still afraid of them and will does not like to go into the stall by herself if it is an automatic flusher. I could have saved myself lots of tears from the girls in the past! I am definitely using this trick! thanks!! Exciting news about the baby kicking as well :) I am anxious for that part!

Posted by Bonnie Walker on October 23, 2010, 3:18 pm

The toilet paper thing was a flash of inspiration at the moment. The boys have never really liked them either. But when Faith was still using diapers all the time and yet was somewhat interested in telling me when she needed to go, often times she'd take one look at the public toilet and say, "no." So I really wanted her not to be afraid of it because without a diaper it's not an option anymore!

Posted by joyful on October 24, 2010, 2:42 pm

You can tell her her uncle agrees with her on those autoflushers. They always seem to flush too soon, before the business has been taken care of and all the paper's been tossed in. Depending on the size of the sensor, I suppose a little post-it would work great!

Posted by Stephan on October 24, 2010, 3:55 pm

And then, when I'm finally done, I find the autoflushers -- miffed, no doubt at my lack of appreciation for the earlier flush -- refuse to flush again, no matter what fancy dancing I do to appease them.

Posted by SursumCorda on October 25, 2010, 9:15 am
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