This is going to be woefully brief.  The bike trip was adventure after adventure, lots of fun, but lots of work.  Among the things you'd normally expect on a bike trip, it included four tire blowouts on the triple-tandem, a torrential downpour, a tent with no stakes, Jonathan riding on someone's back carrier platform for seven miles (and two others each wheeling an extra bike those same extra miles), lost-off-the-top-of-the-car gloves and found again, new tires but now the brakes broke, little or no cell reception, a young man left behind, a purse left in a restaurant.  More details?  Maybe never, because...

Two weeks in CT, lots of sun, lots of rain, lots of wind, lots of sailing, lots of water, lots of reading, playing, relaxing, m&ms.  Lots of thinking on the ideas presented in a book called The Genesis Enigma which I have so many thoughts on they might actually get put into a blog post.

Here are my notes.  I'm sure pics from both cameras will be up sometime in the next month...

7/9 - Faith, "why?"  (sounds like yiy)  does it have to start so soon?  I have not yet answered her with "because Democrats are descended from dinosaurs".

7/12 - Faith calls Noah "Nona" or "Nonee".  Also she said, "onion" which was close enough to the real pronunciation that I won't try to spell it.

7/14 - Noah, trying to put his shirt on, "Mom, where's my other arm hole?"

7/14 - Uncle Jay brought a bouncy horse and Noah asked if it had a pound limit.  Uncle Jay responded by saying that he had sat on it.  So Daddy asked Noah what he thought that meant about it having a pound limit.  Noah: "It doesn't"   We all got a good laugh out of that one.

7/15 - When Jonathan was trying to remember the name of the monocular, he called it a "unoctiscope"

7/16 - Faith "nah-nih" = binoculars

More Faith words: "ahm = arm"; "weh" = leg; "dup" = cup.  Water has turned into "wah-yih".  She had much opportunity to practice this word at the Maggie P!

7/21 - Jonathan: "Polar makes a lot of things.  Not like Daddy's company.  It doesn't make anything, he just works.  I guess it makes money..."

7/23 - Faith was saying "hah, hah, hah".  I replied, "hat, hat, hat"  She copied, "hat, hat, hat" !

7/23 - Faith has made up a new sign, for small.  It is rather like more, though her fingers make a small oval instead of touching her thumbs.  She accompanies this by speaking "mah".

7/25 - Faith, counting rocks in Aunt Prudence's hand, "wuh, ee, doo" (one, three, two)  Neat-o!

7/26 - Faith: "nyap" = snap

She also has "dum" = come; "dop" = stop; "way" = rain; "way" = way (as in, "that way")

I have now spent about four hours on the computer speedily making up for not using a computer in two weeks.  (I did do first things first, that is, the bills.) Good bye. (:

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Oh, the tempting "maybe never"! This merits a phone (Skype?) call, but not in the next two days.... Thanks for the update and I'm glad you're home safely.

Posted by SursumCorda on July 27, 2010, 12:52 am
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