6/11 - We planted more seeds in our garden.  Faith helped me plant beans and she very carefully placed the seed in the hole and gently covered it with soil.   It was so sweet to see her tender care.

I discovered a robin's nest in the bush outside our bathroom window.  We watched mama diligently sitting on her eggs and papa guarding while mama took her breaks.  On 6/12, we saw the babies had hatched!  We watched the parents feed them a few times.  But then on the morning of 6/14, I saw the nest askew on the branch and stuffing falling out.  Bad sign.  I took the kitchen stool outside to closely examine - all inhabitants were missing.  Papa robin scolded me from a high branch of a nearby tree.  Interestingly enough, Faith was the only one to ask about the birds after that.

6/12 - Faith now says "done" that sounds kind of like "duh-ee"

6/13 - I'm pretty sure Faith said "ah-dih" for Jonathan, but I haven't heard it much recently.

6/15 - We went to the zoo with three other families and when one baby sister was ready to go, we volunteered to have her three year old brother, T, stay with us.  He was thrilled at the proposition.  I have some quotes from him, too.  I was using Jon's phone to take a picture and then T looked at me and asked, "How much time is left?"  I wasn't sure what he was talking about, but I answered as best as I could - we didn't have a set time that we were expecting to leave.  He answered, "Oh.  Well, my dad's phone has little numbers on it..."  Then when we saw the sharks he pointed out "the places where they breathe" and we reminded him that they're called gills.  Then later he said, "I saw that guy's gears!" 

6/17 - Faith's word for water is "yah-yih".  I'm still getting used to it and she usually has to ask twice before I realize what she means.

6/17 - We went for a short bike ride on the flat, calm street a block away.  Somehow, Noah got going too slow but didn't put his feet down and he fell, doing a face plant on the road.  He came screaming to me with quite a profuse bloody nose.  I used a bunch of kleenex and had him sit in my lap with his head back.  He was coughing and spluttering too because he didn't like the feeling of it going down his throat.  Jon took his bike home and then came back with more kleenex.  By then I had calmed Noah (and Faith) down with my reassurance and Noah had a fun time riding home on Daddy's handlebars.  He had a swollen nose and lip for a few days.

6/17 - I went to Target to look for the yo-yo that Noah had requested for his birthday.  The employee there said, "Hmm.  A yo-yo.  That's an obscure item."   Really?  But indeed, they did not have it.  (Not even in the vintage toys section.) Later, I did find that Wal-mart had three kinds of yo-yos.

6/19 - Noah and Daddy were talking about history.  Daddy made some kind of joke about "her-story" and Noah said, "themstory"

6/19 - I pulled more poison ivy from the backyard as it was starting to creep into the lawn part and I knew it wouldn't be good to run over it with the lawnmower.  I wasn't too careful and I got a couple of spots on my forearms (especially the right one)  I scrubbed a lot when I got in and it looked like it was extremely mild.  Then three days later, all of a sudden it flared up.  Very itchy.

One day Jonathan commented about a store we passed.  "Imperial Cleaners!  Who would ever want to go there?"  I was surprised that he would be so adamant about some poor little dry cleaner that he had never even been in.  But after I expressed my confusion, he explained.  Ah, now I get it - everything Emperial in Star Wars is bad, so you'd better avoid Darth Vader's cleaning store.

Noah asks for a "scratch back" when his back is itchy.

6/22 - Faith said, "boo" when she held up a blue crayon.

Faith now says "hehw-eh" for helmet and "diy" for bike.

6/24 -  We were driving in the car down a hill and Jonathan exclaimed about what it would be like on the bike, "We'd probably go 50 mph down that hill, I mean, that is an IN-cline!

Noah said strawberry "ah-beh-hee".  And today he said "tired" instead of "tider".

6/28 - On his fourth birthday.  We're sitting on the porch steps and Noah says, "Mom, I am unique."  Yes, you are, dear one!

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Thanks so much for the update. Being with our newest grandchild makes me miss the others more, not less.

Posted by SursumCorda on June 30, 2010, 10:19 am

Happy belated Birthday, Noah!

We use Technu to wash off after being exposed to poison ivy - seems to work well. There is also stuff you can put on before you go to pull the ivy. Don't remember what that is called, but you can buy it in the drug store.

Posted by NMKB on June 30, 2010, 11:57 am
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