As some of you know, Jonathan and I and some guys from church biked to Ohiopyle last weekend. What less of you know is what goes on inside the heads of these crazy guys, and even less of you know what sort of emails get passed around prior to a trip like this. Worry no longer, those emails will now be revealed... I'll probably put one email per post to avoid super long posts that no one will read anyway, but we'll see.

From Alex:

After long last, it is I, Alex.

I have chosen to descend from scholastic activities to grace the assembly with the proposition of a daunting, yet not impossible, endeavor.

It has been brought to my attention that the "itch" has once again risen from the depths of that which we do not speak of and settled in the deepest folds of our very minds. In order to suppress this demon, I suggest that the assembly consider once again embarking on the journey to edge of human ability. To that land of watery beauty, silent healing, and delicious dinner pie served by a small red mammal.

Though our travel will be hindered by the desert of thirst, the marsh of fatigue, the mountains of exhaustion, and the caves of throbbing soreness, fear not, for I know that in each one of us is the desire and passion to once again see that wondrous land known as Ohiopyle!

And now my brothers, I lay this quest at your feet. Will we join together on the 21st and quench the "itch" that threatens our very ability to go on in life? Or will we deny ourselves the freedom from the bondage that enslaves us?

Brothers, join me! Down There and back again.

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