After breakfast on Noah's birthday, we went to the dollar store to buy him some balloons.  Jonathan thought Noah shouldn't come, because it would spoil the surprise, but I said that since Noah likes to go on walks, he'd have a happier birthday if he came with us.  And what's another 10 minutes to wait for a surprise?  While we were there, both boys were intrigued by the gumball machine, so I consented, for the birthday's sake.  Noah didn't understand that it was gum and was ready to throw his ball across the room.  Then, when we told him it was for chewing, he sucked all the candy part off and then slowly nibbled off a bit at a time and swallowed it.  Right.  Too young for gum.  Oh, well!

He loved his dahl and naan dinner and was very happy to be sung to and blow out his candles, successfully dousing them both in one blow.  Both Noah and Jonathan helped decorate the cake.

On Sunday, Noah put the "n" on "down" when asking to be excused from the table!

Sunday late afternoon, we spontaneously decided to celebrate our anniversary (our "family birthday") at The Melting Pot.  Due to some traffic detours downtown, it turned into a whole Pittsburgh adventure evening.  We ended up on Mt.Washington, so we decided to take the incline down to Station Square (where the restaurant is.)  The boys and I had never ridden the incline before (yes, though I've been in Pittsburgh nearly 11 years) and that was fun.

The restaurant was fun and delicious as usual.  We ordered the whole four course meal for two and shared it with the boys.  That ended up being a perfect amount - we were satisfied without being overstuffed.  The waiter did bring us some extra vegetables and apples, and extra coconut crusted cashews (yum!)

On our walk back to the incline, the boys chased some rabbits.  Then came a downpour which we rode up in.  It was not letting up when we got to the top, so Jon ran to the car while the boys and I stayed dry and read a bit of the history of the inclines.

Then we dropped by the house of a friend who lives up there and had a fun time talking and playing.

Our real anniversary (Monday) was mostly a regular day, though we did put another offer on a house.

We talked on the speakerphone with Grandma and Dad-o, and when Noah said "hi" he also waved at the speakerphone.  When we explained that Grandma couldn't see him, but she could if we got a webcam (that was a hint from Grandma), Jonathan asked what a webcam was.  After I explained, Noah ran over to the computer room and brought back our camera!  He then proceeded to take pictures of the speakerphone. (: 

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