I'll start with most recent and then go to my pocket notes.  Jonathan and Faith both had well child checkups yesterday.  As much as it seems like it would be easier to have two checkups together, it really isn't.  I'll go back to scheduling them separately.  It wasn't too bad, but a bit hectic and it took a long time.

Jonathan at six years is one inch shy of four feet tall, and 52 1/2 lbs.  His hearing test went fine.  I didn't get to watch him take the eye test because he went out with the nurse to do that while I was in the room talking to Dr.Anderson about Faith.  But he came back in saying, "I looked at the grown up eye chart and I could see all the way to the bottom with both eyes!"  The nurse gave a thumbs up to confirm the report.  I don't know what the numbers for that are, but if I remember I can look at the chart the next time we're in the office. (ha!)

Dr. Anderson asked Jonathan if there was anything that concerned him that he wanted to talk about, and he mentioned something he'd asked me about before.  When he whacks his hands on the wall, his fingers make this popping sound and then he can't move them for a couple of seconds.  Dr. Anderson agreed with my thought that it was just cracking knuckles and said he should be fine, but to let him know if anything hurts or can't move at other times or for longer than a few seconds.

Jonathan did not have to have any shots or bloodwork.  He did get to draw a circle, square and a picture of Noah on the back of the chart.  Also, he was doing somersaults and jumping because he read a sign on the wall that said, "Be Active!"  (He did make sure to use hand sanitizer every time he touched the floor, though!)

Faith, at 15 months, is 31" tall and 26 1/2 lbs.  She screamed through that measuring and it took a long time to get the weight because she kept leaning, wiggling and grabbing for me.  After that, I got to hold her for a long time before any other things happened to her, so she was better for the rest of the exam, though not happy lying on the table.  When Dr.Anderson examined her legs, he found an asymmetry in the angles that her legs can open.  This, combined with the asymmetrical creases in her thighs, caused him concern and he prescribed an xray to make sure that her hips are developing normally.

She got her blood drawn for a lead test, and she did pretty well for that, since I got to hold her in my lap and nurse her.  Directly after that, she got the MMR shot, so it wasn't really a fun time.  But there was time to nurse a lot because of finishing Jonathan's checkup and talking about the hip stuff.

That afternoon, we went to Children's Hospital (the new one that's right by our old house) for the xray.  That actually went really well.  We hardly waited very long (Noah didn't get a chance for me to read to him at all, but Jonathan, his mother's son, absorbedly read his own book the whole time.) and everyone was helpful and friendly.  The check-in lady even let me stay there in front of her desk instead of sending me back to the waiting room because Faith was nursing.  The burse came to bring us to the xray room, and then stayed outside with the boys while I went in with Faith.  The technician was kind and gentle.  Faith cried at having to lie on the table, but I kept talking calmly to her and touching her, and she stayed still.  It went quickly and he let me see the images on the computer.  Amazing to see her little hips and leg bones looking just like the pictures!  He said things looked good to him, but the doctors would be able to tell better.

Noah thought we weren't in there long enough because the nurse had only had time to look at the pictures with him and not read the book.  He was also disappointed that we didn't get to play the painting computer game in the waiting room.  So we sat down on some couches and I read him the book. Jonathan enjoyed looking at some animal sculptures.

After that we went home and we had pretty much just walked in the door when Dr. Anderson called with the results.  Everything looks normal, praise God!

I guess I'll save the pocket notes for another post and get this one up.

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Just in case you wondered, a post from you makes all action stop, even in the genealogy room of the NY Public Library. :)

Having watched Jonathan absorbed in Asterix the Gaul I can imagine he didn't have a clue what else was going on while he was reading. (Also remembering his mother, who had to be told she could read while walking but NOT while crossing the street.)

I'm so glad the x-rays went well and the results were good. Still no explanation for the asymmetry, I guess, nor ideas for correcting it.

Looking forward to the pocket notes, but not being greedy. Getting back to work now....

Posted by SursumCorda on December 2, 2009, 1:50 pm

Jonathan seems to have made a huge leap in reading since I was there in October. I'd better get home soon so I can send those "level 3" books before they're 'way too easy...if they aren't already.

Posted by SursumCorda on December 3, 2009, 8:12 am

Dr.Anderson called yesterday with Faith's lead results. 7, which is down from the 10 it was at 9 months. But since then, somebody (state? AAP?) has changed the "poison level" to 5. I'm going to see if one resource he mentioned will come to Butler county - they check your house for free.

I'll continue to damp-dust the windowsills, and we do have a HEPA vacuum. She's also not crawling as much nor eating non-food things. We'll do another test in 6 months.

Posted by joyful on December 5, 2009, 9:30 am

If they check your yard for free, too, have them do that, just for the peace of mind.

Posted by SursumCorda on December 5, 2009, 10:15 am
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