11/7 - Noah discovered the two cube puzzle that has pictures of six different vehicles and plays the sound of each when the puzzle is completed.  He was having trouble with it, which seemed strange to me at this age.  He kept getting the wrong sounds playing.  I told him to match up the pictures and it would work.  After a while, I took my attention off of Faith to watch Noah and see what the trouble was.  He was matching the pieces face to face instead of next to each other!

11/7 - Noah to Mommy,"When will you have a baby in your tummy?"  Mommy:"When God gives us one." Noah:"When you do, there will be three girls."  He meant me, Faith, and the new baby, who of course would be a girl because all he knows in our family is that the baby is a girl!

11/11 -  During dinner preparation, Jonathan noticed that I had started microwaving some potatoes and finished them for me while I was busy with something else.

11/12 - I'm driving with Noah and Faith on some errands.  We pass the local high school and Noah asks me about it and I explain what building and parking lot it is.  A pause.  Then, in a serious, wistful tone, "Me wish I go to school and not homeschool."  "Why?"  "Me want go in yellow gate."

11/12 - While I was out, Jonathan followed my chore pack, doing all my chores for the day.  When he finished, he wrote "don" on it.

11/13 - Since there is no mirror in our bedroom, I brush my hair in the hallway.  That mirror reaches down to about eight inches from the floor so Faith can see in it easily.  After a couple of minutes only paying attention to my task, I then noticed what Faith was doing at my feet.  She was playing and experimenting with the mirror and it was very funny.  She made faces, sticking her tongue out and around, squinching her face, touching her nose to the nose in the mirror, walking away and then coming back and saying "hi", touching her hand to the hand, etc. 

11/13 - I noticed Faith's upper right canine is through.

11/17 - Noah practiced writing "A" for school.  He did a great job. I hadn't thought he was ready for letters yet.  He made some signs for the upstairs door using his new letter.

11/19 - The boys were playing under the bed with flashlights.  Faith wanted a light, so I asked Noah to give her his.  Then she ran across the room with it and Noah didn't like the dark under the bed.  So I asked Faith to go shine her light under the bed for him and she went over and did it.

11/22 - I noticed Fath's upper left molar and canine.

12/2 - Noah put some Spider-man and SpongeBob stickers on his shirt and announced that he was "piduh-meen and punbob".  He spun webs all over me and said I was all sticky.  Then he asked what SpongeBob did and I said I didn't know but that he wasn't a superhero, just a TV character.  So he came up and rubbed me all over saying, "Scrub, scrub, scrub." Now I'm all clean!

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Then, in a serious, wistful tone, "Me wish I go to school and not homeschool." "Why?" "Me want go in yellow gate."

When you were three you wanted to go to school so you could ride the bus. And either you or Janet, at a much older age, wanted to go to school so you could have a locker.

While I was out, Jonathan followed my chore pack, doing all my chores for the day. When he finished, he wrote "dun" on it

Isn't it about time he came to visit Grandma? :)

Posted by SursumCorda on December 2, 2009, 3:35 pm

We have a similar set of blocks at church for our 2-3 yr olds in Sunday School - but you have to line the metal nodes up pretty carefully to get any noise (and it only makes noise for matching ones). They are always making the two sides face each other like you described, it's a bit tricky. But, it keeps them entertained for quite some time!

Posted by Erica B. on December 2, 2009, 4:00 pm
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