We've had some full days since our last post, so I'll try to catch you all up.

On Friday night, Jon and the girls went to Camp Maranatha for the annual father-daughter retreat and the boys went to Boston to stay in the apartment.

We went to Target to get some maternity shirts for Heather and the girls thought the mannequins' positions were pretty funny and so mimiced them.

Buying maternity shirts for Heather, and the girls thought the mannequins' positions were pretty funny.

Saturday, the boys hung out with Grace, I think all day, and Grace was up and around a lot, and they even figured out a way to let Grace into the window nook that we've talked about before.  Her cords can just barely reach.

Faith discovered that walking up the hill at Maranatha is still a little hard, so we drove to breakfast.  She did play laser tag, but chose a defensive position to mostly stay in one place and avoid a lot of activity.  We did walk to the laser tag in the middle of the hill, so then we walked to lunch (and to hold the bunnies - Joy and Jon avoided that, but they are cute to watch, though many a girl tried to convince their dads that they should bring one home and many discussions about how grown up bunnies aren't all that cute).  So, then we walked back up the hill and just went slowly.
We then went to the crafting event and enjoyed making origami, coloring and Joy made a whole custom chess set with popsicle sticks, pom-poms and plastic babies (the craft director's intention was to make a catapult with the popsicle sticks to throw the babies into a crib, but that seemed kind of weird, and the catapults were hard to control).

We enjoyed the weekend, staying up super late, Faith creaming me in carpet ball, playing Cut-throat all together and lots of cuddling.

The nurses like Grace's way of wearing the stethoscope.

Grace has a stylish way of wearing the stethoscope.

We arrived back in Boston, meeting the rest of the family at the same all-you-can-eat sushi buffet that the younger boys and I went to the prior week.  However, we learned that going on a Saturday is different than a Tuesday, as it was crammed full, and very loud, so wasn't quite as enjoyable, but we did have a lot of tasty food.  A couple friends came to be with Grace and she slept most of the time.
We had an uneventful night (Jonathan slept in the hospital, and the rest of us stayed at the apartment) and then another friend came to watch Grace all day.  The rest of the family went to Park Street Church and then to Boda Borg, which was packed full, so we were happy that we hadn't paid for a reservation, and decided to spend the rest of the day hanging out at the apartment.  We played some pool, Wingspan and enjoyed lunch/dinner from a Feast and Fettle gift card that Hospital Homes offered us.  They are a food delivery service that you just have to heat up.  It was quite good, though I don't know what it costs.

Grace asked for all of her dolls and animals to sleep with on Sunday night.

All ready for bed

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Awww, I love that she wants to sleep with all her buddies. That is so sweet! Glad you could all be together! Sounds like you had some good times.

Posted by Heidi Johnson on March 13, 2024, 10:36 pm
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