Isaac was born 2:05PM, November 21st, 2002. No one has measured or weighed him, but we are guessing 8 pounds, and probably 21-22 inches in length.

He was not breathing when he was born, and after receiving oxygen for a minute, 911 was called, and he was rushed to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

When we arrived, he was still not breathing, had a slow heart rate (100bpm), and was 10 degrees colder than normal.

He is in somewhat stable condition now, heart rate quickly picked up to relatively normal (140bpm), and has warmed up. However, now his heart rate is fast (210bpm), working really hard to get blood through his small/restricted blood vessels.

They had some trouble getting needles in for various fluids in and out, but they seem to be happy with the condition now.

They are concerned about some jerky movements he was making originally, and have run an EEG test (that is what lots of the wires on him in the picture are). Due to a sedative they gave him, his brain activity is low, so they are going to run the test again tomorrow for hopefully improved brain activity, with no signs of seizures.

Heather is fine, as much as could be expected after giving birth. She is tired, emotionally too. I have brought pictures and a short video (thank you Grandpa Wightman for the camera) home to show her, as she is not up to moving a whole lot yet.

I spent the whole day at the hospital, and the night with Heather at home. So many of you have cared for us so much. To those of you who have asked how can you help, please pray. I don't know what else to ask for. Alissa Kuhns is currently staying with Heather while I am gone, but she could probably use some help every once in a while.

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
Philippians 4:11

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