This will be specifically a Jonathan update, with a post about our Daley family vacation soon to come.
January 20 - Says "hi"

January 21 - Jonathan was reading his five languages book to himself. When he got to the Good bye, Train page, he waved and said, "bye-bye."

Signs "water" - we should get a picture so you can see how he does it. He uses his last three fingers for the w instead of his first three.

Uses the "more" sign to indicate "please" or "I want that" in addition to more.

Signs "please" - mostly rubs his stomach, but sometimes gets the chest. Often with two hands.

Fits together the strap clips to his stroller and high chair. Someone else has to undo it for him, though.

Plays with his tongue and likes to see Mommy do it too.

Made up his own sign for "turn the light on/off" - it's like pulling an overhead light chain.

When he sees a kleenex, or I mention one, he starts sniffing. If he gets the chance to hold one, he will put it to his nose and blow in and out.

In the car on the way to Vermont, he said "hot" and signed "water" at the same time. We were both very hot in the back of the car, and the drink of water was refreshing.

Twice I have noticed him signing in his sleep. Once was "milk" and once was "more."

In the airport while watching planes out the window, he waved and said "bye-bye." He will also wave to people, but they have to be actively leaving and so they rarely see it.

January 25 - Signed "more" after I showed him some bits. Signed "bathroom" when I showed him the word. Said "hi" when he saw the Papa bit. Said "Dammy" when he saw the Grammy bit.
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