Here's stuff I forgot from the previous post and new stuff he did yesterday.
When he hurts his fingers he will hold them out for me to kiss.

The restaurant at Mt. Snow had fishtanks which I pointed out to Jonathan when we arrived. After my order of fish and chips came to the table, I asked Jonathan if he wanted some fish. He signed and said "fish" and pointed to the tanks!

January 25 - A CD was playing in the living room and Jonathan danced to it, mostly going in circles and making himself dizzy.

January 26:
In the morning, Jonathan sat up and I was still lying down. He picked up my glasses from the nightstand and put them up to my face - indicating to me that it was time to get up!

He discovered how to turn on the kitchen sink faucet (it's the twisting kind) and spent a long time playing in the water.

I cut up an apple for a snack and he said "pho-pho" which is his word for apple, and he also signed it! I have not been very consistent with that sign, but now that he is getting the hang of it, I guess he's picking up quickly.

His turtle is running low on battery and the songs are quite sickly sounding. He made a very amusing face at it last night, a face that looked like a sympathy pain face.
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It's wonderful that he's picking up so many signs, and both speaking and signing his words. Watching a language neophyte makes you realize how strange language can be, and that the same word can describe the living animal swimming in the water, and the batter-coated, fried bite of dinner!
Posted by SursumCorda on January 29, 2005, 7:59 pm
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