Jonathan is very often singing or humming now as he works or plays.  He knows the first and last verses of Amazing Grace and parts of the middle verses.  He likes the "What's in the Honeypot" song from his piano lesson CD, as well as the version of "This Old Man" from the same.  He also frequently makes up his own songs, with words from all different sources including his own brain.

He continues to be excited about the baby.  He likes to try to hear him, and he will speak loudly to my belly, "Hey, baby!  I'm your big brother!  Hey, baby!  Can you hear me?  Wake up!"  He also likes to sing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" to the baby. He thinks he felt a movement once.

We've been reading about the ocean and sea creatures and now he wants to be a deep sea diver when he grows up. 

He plays sea diver, Mary and Joseph, mommy and baby animal, and any number of other creative games.  He discovered how to pull the curtains in front of the couch to make a tent/cave and he likes to make other kinds of structures with blankets and couch cushions.

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