I guess I don't really have time to write these as they happen, so you get a week's worth of stuff at once:
December 14 - In women's Bible study babysitting, Jonathan pointed to the door and said, "door." When Miss Rachel did not respond to that, he went to her, grabbed her hand, took her to the door and said, "door" again. Then they went into the hallway, and he looked into all the classroom doors until he found me.

December 16 - New Hampshire Baby: As Mom and Janet were packing up the cars, Jonathan went outside in his onesie. I took him back in to put on pants and shoes, but he still only had short sleeves. He had a blast eating snowballs.

December 18 - Who's That Man?: Jonathan and I were in the dining room finishing up breakfast, while Jon went downstairs to set up for haircuts. Unbeknownst to us, Jon brought the CD player and began playing the Bible. When Jonathan heard the voice, he went and looked at the answering machine.

December 18 - Family Haircuts: All three of us got haircuts; Jonathan's second cut, and my first in a long time (around 2 years +/-).

December 19 - 9th Tooth!: A molar has started to break through on the upper right.

December 21 - Potty Training Already?: Jonathan has continued being interested in going to the bathroom in a real toilet. I changed him at women's Bible study, he fell asleep in the car, and then had a two hour nap when we got home. When he woke up, I went to change his diaper and it was completely dry. Then I took him to the toilet and he went a lot! So after that, we went out to Babyland and bought him a little potty. When we got home, he immediately tried it out successfully.

December 21 - Coordination: Right at this moment, Jonathan is putting on and taking off a pen cap from a pen, either end as he feels so led.
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Daley updates are still wonderful even if they are weekly.
Posted by SursumCorda on December 22, 2004, 7:33 am
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