Noah now has many more words that I can write down. They are still mostly only understood by me and Jonathan, but he's using his mouth to communicate. Most words have only the initial consonant and vowel sound (moo for "moose") and some have only part of the word (mo' for "remote") so much of our understanding must be gleaned from context. One example is that (ba-ba) can mean "paper" or "butter" or various other things depending on context.

A couple of anecdotes:

Noah points to the stroller. I say, "No, we're taking the car." Noah replies, "No. Wa!" (walk)

As has been noted before, Noah loves plugging in things. I gave him the battery charger yesterday, which usually requires plugging in twice - for some reason the first time you plug it in, the leds are green, but if you take it out, jiggle the batteries, and plug it back, they will be red. So, I gave him the charger, and then went on to something else. Then I hear Noah saying, "wee, wee." He was telling me that the lights were green! I told him to unplug it, jiggle the batteries, and plug it back in, and he did it all correctly. (He's obviously watched me before, because he did the jiggle exactly how I do it!)

So now I know he knows green as well as purple. But it's another illustration of his similar-sounding words, because he also says (wee) for "read."

Other words: "hide" (hi), "eye", "nose" (no), I can't remember if I've written down "dog" (da) before. And Mom just told me yesterday that I hadn't written that Noah says "Daddy" clearly and consistently now.

Yesterday Jon was putting in the dining room window air conditioner and sent Noah to get a screwdriver from the workbench. I did not hear the instructions, and Jon wanted to know if Noah would communicate to me the right thing to help him. The only thing Jon said to me was, "I think Noah wants you to go to the basement with him." So I went down with him (he made a screwing motion with his wrist, but I didn't catch on.) Then he pointed to the workbench, where the screwdrivers are, and when I asked him if a screwdriver was what he wanted, he said yes. So he brought it happily upstairs to Daddy.

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His active vocabulary may still be limited, but his passive vocabulary is fantastic.

Posted by SursumCorda on June 7, 2008, 8:31 am
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