7/2 - Jonathan shows me his baby Joseph and says, "This is my small baby Joseph, but his last name is Noah."
7/6 - We go to get Noah's PKU test. He weighs in at 10lb 15 oz, and the doctor asks the nurse if she is joking! No question now (there never was in my mind) whether Jonathan is taking any milk away from Noah.

The heel stick was traumatic. She had to do it twice, as our midwife had to for Jonathan. Noah was very upset, and Jonathan was also upset. Grandma reported to me later that Jonathan said, all scrunched down with a painful expression and tone of voice, "But I didn't want them to cut my baby's heel."

Later that day (or earlier, I can't remember, but it was Thursday), Jonathan was using a Lego sword as a toothpick while I was changing his diaper. (I know, I know, just keep reading.) Sure enough, choking sounds start emanating, and I look up to see the sword on his palate, pointing down as if he's a professional sword swallower. But he's not, so I quickly picked him up and turned him upside down and asked if he could spit it out. Yes! It dropped out onto the ground. Phew.

Then Friday, I find blood in Jonathan's diaper so I call the doctor. The nurse on duty says get him in right away, they don't have openings at the close office, so call the doctor at the other office, if he doesn't have any openings, take Jonathan to the ER. ER! I wasn't really expecting that. But I tried not to panic - I think it had been happening for a few days (I thought it was tomatoes), another half hour or so is not going to make a difference.

The doctor calls back and says it's probably a virus, keep an eye on him, but don't worry and it should be done in a couple of days. That was what I had been expecting to hear all along... And Jonathan is fine now.
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"his last name is Noah" That's great! :)
Posted by MikeQ on July 10, 2006, 8:29 pm
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