Noah is a great sleeper and a great nurser. He will sleep 4-5 hours straight at the beginning of the night, and 2-3 hour segments during the day. This actually gives me time to play with Jonathan and get work done! He's also efficient at nursung and does not stay on as long as Jonathan did (or even still does!)
He does have an unnerving tendency to sleep with his eyes partially open, usually during REM sleep.

He definitely crawls in his sleep. I cannot leave him on the couch with the same confidence I had with Jonathan. Similarly, we can't hold him with only one arm the way we did with Jonathan - he likes to arch back, but then is not strong enough to keep the position. I can do it with a kind of football hold, but always with the option of dropping whatever is in my other hand quickly.

He's starting to lose his birth hair, but amazingly enough is already growing new underneath.

From soon after birth, we have observed how much he looks like Jonathan. However, both Mom and I noticed him looking like Isaac sometimes when he sleeps! Mom's thought was the "translucency of the eyelids" and I thought related to that was the very light colored eyelashes (which are already darkening.) He also has the Aunt Janet upper lip!

In the last week or two he has started to look more "like himself."

I unofficially weighed him (on our scale, subtracting my weight from ours together) at 13lbs. He is wearing 3-6 months clothes.
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Thanks for the updates!

Info-Hungry Grandma
Posted by SursumCorda on July 28, 2006, 10:18 am

You know this means we'll be begging for more pictures, don't you?
Posted by SursumCorda on July 28, 2006, 4:54 pm
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