2/6 - Joy went down a whole flight of stairs successfully.  She slides down forwards on her bottom.  Faith was with her this time.  By now, she's an old pro at stairs.

I bought some mini hair clips for Faith.  They are the normal clear, brown, black, swirly brown that hair clips often are.  But as soon as Faith saw the swirly brown ones, she said, "Cool!  Camo hair clips!"  Then she does that macho guy stance that the boys do when they're being or doing something heroic. (:

2/21 - Faith said her whole name with all the correct sounds.

2/22 - Joy tried going down the basement stairs by herself and fell off the side onto Jonathan's science desk.  She scraped her face up but nothing worse.  Now we are extra vigilant about keeping the door at the top of the stairs shut.  She's a pro at going up and down as long as there are walls/railings on the sides.  The basement stairs still need supervision.

2/23 - Faith, counting down to blastoff, "10...9...8...3...2...1!"

2/23 - Joy's first birthday!  My presents to her were an extra long bath and extra outside time.

2/25 - 3/2: Vacation in San Diego (or Sandy Aygo) with the Daleys.  Lots of fun and adventure and cousin time.  I discovered that Joy loves walking.  She walked to the "scary bridge" and back all on her own (except for crossing the streets and the bridge).  Yay for sidewalks!

3/3 - Jonathan and Noah walked to the corner store to get a gallon of milk.  I gave them my cell phone.  They left at 10:30 then called at 10:35 to report being halfway there.  Jonathan said he'd call when they got to the store, but he forgot in the actual buying of the milk, when he discovered that I had only given him enough money for one gallon and not two.  He called at 10:45 "1/3 of the way home".  They arrived home at 10:50, safe, sound, and triumphant.

3/4 - Joy started clapping.

3/8 - Faith, of Fox in Socks, "This is my bestest book ever!"

3/8 - Joy's bottom left next tooth broke through.

3/8 - I find myself saying, "Ask nicely. How about: 'Faith, will you please cut off my legs?'".

3/8 - Noah and I went to Target to get him new sneakers.  Jon had said he should get tie shoes.  We spent an hour in Target selecting and practicing.  It was frustrating at first and I almost gave up and got velcro.  Then all of a sudden, he had it!  He practiced by himself several more times and we were both very happy to come home with a new pair of tie sneakers.

3/8 - Noah spends 20 minutes reading Green Eggs and Ham.  He got through page 27.  I love Dr.Seuss.  The repetition is so helpful for beginning readers, and yet he switches things up a bit here and there so you can't completely go by memory. It's so exciting to hear Noah reading!

3/10 - Jon, Joy and I went to the fire company annual banquet.  He got an embroidered jacket for his first year of service.  It was a nice evening.  Oh yeah, we went in our new red convertible. (:

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Camo hair clips! That's my girl!

Nice job, Noah and Jonathan! Only a half mile, but a scary road. Noah has come a long way from the first time he and I went adventuring on that street! Not long ago I was talking about the advantages of living in a city -- yes, I acknowledge some :) -- and commented that if you were still living on Carroll Street Jonathan would have been sent on his own to the grocery store for small items long ago. They were right to be triumphant. How did they carry the milk back?

Posted by SursumCorda on April 1, 2012, 2:02 pm

They held it, trading off, usually slinging it over a shoulder.

Posted by joyful on April 1, 2012, 2:23 pm

So it's probably a good thing they didn't have enough money for two gallons. :)

Posted by SursumCorda on April 1, 2012, 5:46 pm
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