Grandma, whose time is quite full with two grandchildren, is still itching for a blog post about the others, so here it is.

I found an old piece of paper witih some notes on it and just searched our blog - I did already post it and it was from 2008!

Ok, here we go:

12/22/2011 - Faith, after listening to the Hallelujah Chorus.  "That did be a lot of hallelujah!"

12/23 - We were visiting an older aunt and uncle (more like great-grand-aunt really) and Aunt Doris was playing with Joy's toes.  She asked me, "Do the piggies still go to the market?"  As in, do young mothers these days still play that game?  But Faith answered her, "No, only the big one does."

12/29 - Looking at an old wedding photo.  Noah asks, "Who's being weddinged?"

1/8/2012 - Joy walked while carrying an object.

1/16 - Even though I rarely get to do sit-down school with Faith, she does pay attention to what the others are doing.  This day, she took the geometry reflector (a smooth-finished plexiglass wall with legs so that you can see through it and a slight reflection at the same time) and put it on something saying, "I want to see if this is symmetrical."  Only she pronounces it "immeckadal". (:

1/16 - Jonathan decided it was time for Noah to learn multiplication, and so proceeded to teach him.  After he got the hang of the basic idea, Jonathan started giving him more complicated problems, following the pattern axb+c.  Noah did great and asked me for several problems which he solved correctly.

1/17 - The next day, we had a long time to wait at the church my Bible study meets in while Jon had a meeting, so we did some more problems on the whiteboard.  Noah wasn't sure he could do it (he didn't have his abacus or hundred chart) but when I showed him that he could write dots to pretend he had his abacus, he happily solved away.  It is so neat to see this, and I am seriously thinking of implementing sibling teaching time as an official school subject.

1/18 - Faith, "Daddy, I know how to 'pell 'Noah'."  Daddy, "Pell?" [She can say the /s/ sound but often forgets to use it in everyday speech.]  Faith restated, "I know how to write Noah."

1/21 - Joy stacked three cans.

Joy now has this really funny chuckle.  I'm not sure how to capture it on video.  She makes it when she accomplishes something, as in, "Ah, ha! I did it!"  But it's sort of a growly chuckle that is funny to hear from such a small person.

Faith can write her own name now, and recognizes the letters from her name in other words.  She also points out to me the "M" from "Mommy."

1/27 - Faith has been whining about having to do her chores, but this day, Jonathan told her joke stories to cheer her up while they were working.  "Once there was a girl named Faith.  She had two brothers.  One was named Jonathan and one was named Noah.  Jonathan said, 'I can only carry a piece of paper.' Noah said, 'I can only carry a twig.' But Faith said, 'I can carry a log as big as our house!'"

1/28 - Faith was telling stories along those lines, saying, "Once there was a boy named Noah.  He had two brothers.  Their names were Jonathan and Faith."  Noah interrupts, "Faith isn't a brother!"  I suggest she use the word "siblings".  Then Faith starts again, "Once there was a boy named Noah.  He had two cinnamons..."

Joy is getting better and faster at walking.  Though sometimes she tries to go so fast that she just trips right over herself. 

She is starting to want to do things herself and will squeal loudly if she can't get her way.  Sometimes this is a squeal of frustration ("I can't get through this narrow space") and sometimes temper ("But I WANT to dump all the bandaids on the bathroom floor!").  On the other hand, she is also starting to obey when we say, "no" which is a relief.

She is really getting into everything and it's hard to keep track of her. She can make a huge mess in a very short time, all in the name of exploring.  Jonathan complains about this (since I often enlist him to help me clean up), and I tell him he used to do the same thing!  But that doesn't really help him.  At least I know they appreciate not making a mess eventually!

She is starting to like books, and wants to turn the pages herself, which makes for a quick read.  It is very sweet to see her and Daddy reading together.

Noah is making nice progress in reading. We got the second set of Bob Books from the library and he is doing great.

Time for me now to read him a book. (:

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Wonderful, thanks! Typing with one hand, so brief. :)

Posted by Mom on January 29, 2012, 4:18 pm

I have two hands for a brief moment, so will add that the notes were worth the wait. :) Even though I already heard some of the stories by phone, it's always great to have them written down where I can re-read them.

That's a great step for Noah, to go from using the abacus to being able to visualize the problem with the more abstract dots on the board. Smart of you to think of that. And good for Jonathan for being such a good teacher.

What a "happy hunger" for learning Faith has! She may (for now) get the crumbs that fall from the table, but like the Samaritan woman she knows how to get the most from them. :)

Posted by Mom on January 30, 2012, 12:51 am

I just saw your new pictures. I love the one of Faith and Joy sitting on the floor in their matching outfits. They're getting so big!

Posted by Kelly on February 12, 2012, 10:34 pm
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