8/31 - The boys were making octopuses out of their banana peels. Jonathan called his a "cinctopus".  It had five legs.  His reason, "Because uno, dos, tres..."

9/6 - Faith's second birthday!  When you ask her how old she is, she will answer, "Dew!"  She also answers that for what her name is, and other questions, so we have fun asking things like, "Faith, what's one plus one?  What's four divided by two?"  She opened presents in the morning and we had our church picnic in the afternoon/evening.  It was a fun day for us all and she enjoyed all the festivities, singing, opening, blowing out, etc.  But she only ate the frosting part of her cake.

9/8 - Noah mentioned that the neighbor on his riding mower was "lawning the grass."

9/9 -  Jonathan: "You know how in the stories the king would give his daughter in marriage to the hero who did it?  Well, what if it was a girl?"

9/9 - In the car, we were playing the "two" game with Faith.  Jonathan asked her "what's one divided by a half?"  The funny thing was that he meant "one divided in half" or "one divided by two" but she got the answer right anyway.  So Jon asked Jonathan another "divided by half" question and after some rewording ("how many piles of one half are in three") and a bit of explanation and thinking, he got the idea.  So then he played around with some other problems and discovered that a thousand million is a billion.  And he proposed a question for me, "Mom, what's five hundred billion divided by a half?"  "A trillion!"

9/10 - Jon posted this on facebook, but I will also record it here for posterity.  Jonathan, "Dad, I've been reading that space book and have decided to work on a project.  But that project requires liquid oxygen and I don't know where to get it."


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Uncle Josh used to talk about, "lawning the mow".

Posted by Jon Daley on September 12, 2010, 8:12 am
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