This post is long overdue (I have two separate pocket papers kicking around) but as you may have noticed, we've been pretty busy around here.  We are leaving soon for another vacation and so I really want to get these papers out of my pocket!

When Noah had his 4 year appointment (over the charts in height and weight, ears and eyes are good, everything is fine) the nurse called him "pal" and he has asked me to call him that several times since then.

7/28 - Faith saw me setting up for school and she exclaimed, "Dooh!"  and "aye" which means write which is what she says when she wants pen and paper.

7/28 - When I couldn't read the boys a bedtime story, Jonathan started reading Rabbit Hill to Noah in bed.  So sweet.

7/29 - Noah said, "Where is he?" and I had to do a double take because that is the first time I've heard him use that kind of pronoun correctly.  Usually it's "him".

7/31 - Faith likes to point at pictures of things and have me tell her what they are.  The produce page of the supermarket flyer is her favorite.  One time, she pointed at a pot of ivy and I didn't see it very well and said, "flowers".  After a minute or so of naming other things (potatoes, onions, strawberries) she pointed at that pot again and I looked closer and said, "ivy."  She replied, "no!"  She knew I had named it differently the first time, so I had to explain why I gave two different answers.

8/2 -  Faith said her first (almost) full sentence.  "Where'd it go, tiger shirt?"

Faith now consistently calls Jonathan "Ohnny" and Noah "No-nee"

8/3 - Jonathan got his first six year molar, the upper right one.  He has since gotten the upper left.

8/12 - Faith was naming her brothers and then pointed to herself and said, "Hay"

8/13 - Faith "deesh" = keys

8/14 - Faith "weh-wy" = ready; We were playing on a playground and she sat up straight to go down the slides.

We were encouraging Noah to try the "J" sound when saying Jonathan's name.  Jonathan encouraged him, "Practice makes perfect!"  Noah replied, "Practice makes worse!"

8/16 - Faith "emmy" = empty; "dot-dod" = hot dog

Faith says "home" for phone.

8/20 - Faith and I were sitting at the piano together and Noah asked for a lesson.  Faith started tapping the piano bench and the fallboard just as we do in our lessons!

8/21 - Noah has modified his name for Jonathan to "ah-huh-thin" - that's with the "th"

8/20 - When Faith helps me sort the laundry, she is now an expert.  She knows what item belongs to what person and stacks them in the right places.  "Ohnny, No-nee, towel, Daddy, My, towel, Mommy..."

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Lovely! (I think Faith needs to see more bits....)

Posted by SursumCorda on August 25, 2010, 9:50 pm

Who needs a baby book? You've created a baby blog!

Posted by Lisa on August 26, 2010, 10:36 pm
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