11/2 - Jeremiah, "Aunt Prudence gave us this one."  perfect grammar

11/3 - Jonathan, "Mom, did you know that if you take the 'c' out of 'record' and add 'er' at the end, it becomes 'reorder'?"

11/3 - Jeremiah, walking backwards with finger in front of his face, "Me try to pick [scab], but me go 'way."

11/3 - Nathaniel recognizes his name.  Jeremiah calls from the other room, "Nan-el!".  He turns and crawls to Jeremiah.

11/3 - Nathaniel says, "Guh-guh-guh"

11/5 - NPD sticks his hand in oatmeal fresh from microwave. I rushed him to the sink for cold water right away, but blisters still formed in between fingers and on his wrist.

11/5 - NPD upper left 2nd incisor

Noah's favorite hobby - opening presents

11/10 - NPD upper right 2nd incisor

11/13 - Nathaniel found a notebook and a pen on the bed.  He had been playing with the notebook, and then I saw him reach for the pen.  I said, "What do you need a pen for?"  But decided to see what he would do.  And I'm glad! Not once did he stick it in his mouth.  He very deliberately put it on the paper of the notebook the way he's seen us do.  He used both right and left hands, and sometimes the wrong end of the pen.  He wrote for quite a long time, sometimes getting marks on the paper but many times not.  He was very persistent, and I tried to only intervene when he looked like he might write on the sheets or my pants.  It was fun to slow down and just watch.

11/14 - NPD finally warmed up at the firefighter dinner, crawling on dance floor, smiling at everyone.  Didn't want to leave.  When we got home, I asked Jeremiah if he had fun while we were gone.  He replied, "I whining, screaming.  I screaming mine head off."

11/19 - NPD sitting to standing, 2 steps then 1 step, 3 steps

11/29 - Joy count by 5's to 100.

11 sometime - NPD up stairs all the way

12/1 - Joy read early Bob books

12/8 - NPD 17 steps

12/9 - N, F states (Pearls before swine)

12/9 - Joy, "It was a reasonable amount, Mom." (about toothpaste)

12/10 - JPD, "I won! I turned off the alarm clock first!"

12/10 - JPD is my prayer warrior.  Prayed for friend A's broken leg.

12/10 - NPD 22 steps

12/14 - NPD kissy noises

12/13 - NPD says, "Bye-bye" and waves

12/16 - NPD walk holding broom

12/16 - NPD 31 steps

12/17 - NPD playing with spoon and pots.  Stirring, scooping, tasting, smacking lips.

12/17 - NPD 48 steps

12/19 - JPD, "Me not have 'bik' clothes."  Me, not understanding, "You don't have to pick clothes?" He brings me some pink flossers and repests exactly what he said.  Ah, "pink"!  (So the translation is: "I don't have pink clothes.")

12/19 - NPD 62 steps

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