9/2 - NPD definitely pulling up (on bathtub) - see Mom's post of Maggie P.

9/2 - NPD, "ma-ma-ma" "na-na-na"  JDD is convinced it means "Mom"

9/2 - Joy, "2+3 is 5. [pause] I learned that in bed."  Subsequently also taughtherself other addition facts.

9/2 - Joy making bracelet with paper and tape. She pointed out to me, "I made the tape not so it would hurt you." She had made sure to place the sticky side facing away from the skin!

9/3 - Joy and JPD get their own bath.

9/4 - Joy figured out 2+4=6 at breakfast.

9/6 - JPD, "I doved under water, no." (Means "I didn't dive underwater.")

9/8 - Me, "Tomorrow, NPD has a dr appt."  JPD, ruefully remembering the doctor's office, "Lady poked me." Me,"Yes. Yes, she did." JPD, "Why?"

9/9 - Our kids like to count how many American flags they see on the way to karate (and other destinations.)  Joy, " 'Merican flag!".  JPD, "Merry gag!"

9/10 - Joy, about the yellow carrots in her salad, "These are better carrots than the orange ones."

9/10 - JPD put a MouseTrap mouse figurine in one of our real mouse traps.

9/14 - NPD 2nd tooth, lower left 1st incisor

9/14 - Noah, "Minestrone.  That's Minnesota pepperoni."

9/18 - NPD waved when Dad-o said, "Hi."  It was clearly deliberate.

9/18 - Joy, "I'm doing double-double on all of them. *Double*-double. That's four."

9/21 - JPD looked into the toilet after I went to the bathroom and clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Yay, Mom!"

9/24 - Nathaniel UR tooth

9/26 - Nathaniel UL tooth

9/24 - Jonathan asked Faith what yellow and blue make.  Faith hesitated and Joy jumped in, "Green!"

10/6 - Nathaniel walking by pushing chair along.

10/9 - Noah, "For English, we can watch Phineas and Verb."

10/11 - Nathaniel cruising along futon.

10/12 - Talking about the possibility of an older friend dying. Jeremiah, "Yay! See Jesus!"

10/15 - Nathaniel definitely has the pincer grasp.

10/18 - Nathaniel climbs up half our flight of stairs.

10/24 - Noah read "runabout" as "runawayboat" but realized that boat was spelled wrong.

10/25 - Nathaniel opened the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  TotLoks are now on again.

date? - Joy, about coconut oil, "Tastes like butter. [pause] Can I lick the spoon?  It's good after you eat it."

10/27 - Jeremiah, holding our toy bat upright, end on the floor, "Hop Pop sit on here."

10/29 - Jeremiah, with sparking eyes and joy in his voice, "Thank you, share yours juice!" "Cheers!"

10/29 - Jeremiah slips off the stool and bangs his face on the counter. Three stitches on the bridge of his nose.

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Found a random note saying 9/7 - Nathaniel's first tooth. Lower right incisor.

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