12/23 - Noah: "Tomorrow's tomorrow is Christmas!"

Both Jonathan and Noah were sick in the car on the way to New Hampshire.  Blessedly, they both managed to get everything in the bowls and nothing on anyplace else in the car.  By the time we arrived, they were fine and the rest of the visit was sick-free.

12/27 - Jonathan and Mommy were discussing dollar amounts of Christmas presents and what was even thinkable to ask about.  I had said that a $200 set was out of the question.  He then said, "[A particular lego set] is in the question."

12/30 - We went to the Boston Children's Museum with Grammy and I was with Faith at the bubbles section.  She played a long time there and I got to observe other kids as well.  This note is a quote from a young girl next to us, with obvious glee in her voice, "Science is messy!"

1/2 - Jonathan repeatedly referred to an english muffin as a "swedish muffin."

1/8 - Faith, counting fingers.  One hand: "one, two, three, one, two."  Other hand: "One, two, [skip a finger] three, [go back and continue in order] one, two, three...nine!"

This vacation, Faith didn't take long to warm up to Grammy and Papa.  It was neat to see her warmed up and playing games with and hanging out with her grandparents.  She even was just as excited as her brothers at going out to McDonald's with Grammy without Mommy.  On our way home, we spent the night with family friends of the Daleys and she took to them quickly as well.

We had a midwife appointment the day after we got back. This is 33 weeks.  The baby had been doing somersaults the whole vacation, turning head down and then coming back again, several times.  (S)he finally turned head down a couple of days before we left and stayed there!  Faith was so excited when I told her (and had her feel the little feet at the top) that she ran outside to tell the hot tub swimmers, "Baby head down!"  All stats look good.  I'm still measuring big as usual but the baby might be slightly smaller than the others.  C said she's not so good at estimating pounds before birth but that this one might be an eight-pounder instead of more.  That would be ok with me.  Baby is slightly posterior but she said she thinks winter babies often are because it's warmer that way, and that they turn for the birth.

We started school again this Monday after a pretty long break.  Of note is that Noah's writing comes much easier for him and it's smaller and more consistent. He may even be ready for preschool lined paper now.  He still likes to copy off of his sandpaper letters but will also copy something I've written.

1/18 - Faith said "love you" to me for the first time.  It is always so sweet to hear your children say they love you.  It sounds like, "yuhd you."

Today, Jonathan and Noah had dentist appointments.  Their insurance changed dental plans and so their old dentist is not covered anymore.  But we all really like this new dentist, so that turned out well.  Jonathan got the panoramic x-ray this time and it was really cool to look at.  We could see his permanent teeth underneath his baby teeth ready to come through in a few months.  He was inquisitive and talkative as usual and the hygenist thought he was great.  She was wonderful, answering questions and happy to have Noah and Faith watching the process (except for the x-rays of course).  Jonathan did great, with only a slight admonition to floss more, and she gave him some sample flossers.  This is good news, since he now is completely responsible for brushing his own teeth.  Noah and Faith brush their own teeth in the morning, but have Dad or Mom brush at night.

Noah, true to himself, was much more serious about the business.  He gagged at the flouride which was supposed to be in this foam thing in his mouth.  She quickly took it out and painted it on instead.  He did really well, though I could tell he was unhappy about it - he did not panic or cry at all.  They did no x-rays for him I think because he's still young.  She said they may or may not try next time because of the sensitive gag reflex.  Noah had no soft spots at all, though there is some pitting of the enamel, which Jon had noticed and thought were cavities.  Jon and I got thumbs up from the hygenist.  After the first three years, we've figured out how to brush our kids' teeth!

Faith with have her first appointment in six months, the next time the boys go in.  All the kids got toothbrushes and a prize, and the boys got toothpaste and flossers.  They all did great and we had a good experience.  Hooray, a dentist we like!

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Congratulations on finally finding a dental practice you are happy with. And congratulations to the boys on good reports.

Tell Noah I completely sympathize with gagging on the insert for the fluoride. I've trained myself to put up with it, because I only have to not eat for half an hour, whereas with the paint-on version I can't drink anything hot for several hours. I'm sure Noah doesn't care as much about hot tea as I do, though.

Posted by SursumCorda on January 20, 2011, 12:21 pm

In his case, it was the same stuff that she painted on. She just took a long qtip, scooped it out of the foam thing and brushed it onto his teeth.

Posted by joyful on January 20, 2011, 3:28 pm

I think I gagged at the foam trays all the way through. I think my mouth is small enough that even now I have a hard time fitting the different things in for x-rays (the molar ones or the full-mouth). I really gagged last time they did a full mouth scan.

Posted by EricaB. on January 21, 2011, 12:32 pm
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