3/11 - Faith can count to six.

3/12 - Faith counted to ten.  She isn't consistent with this.  She'll get stuck after six, but if someone says seven, she can do the rest on her own.  I don't think she has quantity recognition past five, though.  And she sometimes likes to start counting with nine.

3/21 - We've been listening to CDs and tapes a lot on my old stereo.  Noah comments, "Mom, tapes are really cool.  But CDs you can skip to the next one.  But tapes you can stop it and then it starts right where you were."

Jonathan has been reading Greek myths and has made himself a Zeus costume, complete with eagle-topped staff and thunderbolts.  Then he discovered an old tape of mine with Holst's The Planets on it.  He was very excited to recognize the personalities of the gods in their respective movements.  He and Noah were marching around with invisible guns to Mars before I even told them what it was.  Holst sure did a good job!  It is fun for me to see me kids enjoying a piece of music that I enjoyed so much (well, I still do!)

Joy has been smiling a lot this week, mostly for her siblings.  I think her hair is growing.  It never fell out as her siblings' birth hair did.  Maybe her hair will start out brown?

Noah is learning simple addition and beginning to read.  He is enthusiastic about this learning and schooltime is fun with him.  It's so neat to watch them figure out things!  School with Jonathan has not been as much fun, but I think we need to find something that challenges him more.

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Thanks for the update -- I miss them so! I trust you took a picture of Zeus. Yay for Jonathan, and Holst. Most people try to find a likeness to the physical planets, but as you know, Jonathan is right -- Holst wrote it with the characteristics of the gods in mind.

Go, Noah! Have fun feeding his "happy hunger." :)

Posted by SursumCorda on March 29, 2011, 7:07 am

If Faith gets stuck on six, but can move on when prompted, why not start with two trillion? That's what the government does.

Posted by R. Ian Davis on April 11, 2011, 3:24 pm

Hannah just finished reading Greek Myths. I'm sure she would love to act out some of them with Jonathan when we visit this summer.

I enjoyed seeing all your new pictures. It's fun seeing Joy and I can't believe how grown up Faith looks now.

Posted by Kelly on April 14, 2011, 4:44 pm
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